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"white Crime" By Lil D*cky Remix
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AuthorTopic:  "white Crime" By Lil D*cky Remix

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posted Saturday, April 14, 2018 12:10:45 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
I just saw lil dicky's white crime video which was pretty fucking funny. So, I killed that. Prolific channeling kinda does what it does. If you dont find this entertaining I truly do not give a fuck. Its funny regardless of bitch made opinions. Swell, thanks fuckers.

Imuh murderer on the RUN, vivid memories of drownin ants.../

under ten years old, motherfucKing water GUN/

Ok I confess, it was a spray bottle/

and friends thought they ate real butter, but Parkay was wut they swallowed/

Thats wut a G calls TOAST, fuck wit me yul be a roast/

Ghostface plays az grilled cheez on the plate, tv marinate with Space Ghost/

This isn't wrap, its a diarhea barfing green tomato/

Flashin bux at farmers market, jus to bate free SAMPLES/

Jackn bites of cauliflower, yo son I ate AMPLE/

amigo's Coke on my doja sneakatokah, my dude thatz soda u fuckn asshole/

Guess Im smokin wet weed NOW, milkn fat girls tits/

Call me Yogurt yo so, jedi master her dairy PLOWED/

my rhymes are mad turable, bitches like "i hearda you!"/

throwin drinks in my face, I got half a sip for free fool/

Swag swag, havin sex with yor grandmother/

Bagged bagged, use ya sox like hand puppets/

been more wicked than that witch, u cant switch hit on this pitch/

Feelin mad insidious, while I door bell ditch SLICK/

Look they opened the door, Im NOT there Im hella Sick/

U gotta Pug so fuggit, I let ya little dog smell my dick/

U on the block huh? Lo we in the TREE HOUSE/

U cant see over the electric steel gate, but we SEE the whole TOWN/

Feelin iller, than penned up serial killahs/

as I take a nature PEE NOW, Im too dumb cant BE CLOWNED/

rollin my ride A BICYCLE, to Burger King to BE CROWNED/

haters call me retarded, yeah homie I got down syndrome/

Im found in strangers homes, takin dumps in my shorts/

Yayo in my boxers, now it almost looks like smores/

Hoe we get low, on my belly on a skateboard.../

Concussion on a trash can, think I need a cat scan/

Thinkn bout payin hookers, to give me blue balls again/

Gettin my wallet stole AGAIN, crime controls my pen/

Writing crazier shit, than Barney the DINOSAUR/

Yo hoe wutchu purple for?, you cant handle grape popsicles?/

CAN YOU lil DINOSAUR? Nah u cant handle grape popsicles!!!!/

exclamation points,.........FOUR/

I rock the mic so fucking hard, sendin action figures to the hospital/

PHD like "MAN wtf iz wrong with you?", he a playa hater/

Sand in my shorts sunburned at the beach, chafing on my pickle too/

Im bad news hard as cement, hurt my back liftin a Playschool piano/

one day late on my rent, sniffin cow paddies wearin cammo/

Yeeha muhfukaz!!!!, str8 filthy intoxicant droppn gems/

Diamond necklace bling bling, ALL plastic so drastic/

Remember way back, when I never had shit/

Fam was just mad rich, flushed shit down a gold toilet/

Guess I shouldah grabbed it, maybe that's not my steez tho/

Feel like Han Solo, yall haters blasted like Greeto/

Its just cinema efx, you cant press charges for real yo/

Bust you with the steel toe, well its jus rubber rainboots.../

Keep that on the down low, oh flow flow flow/

Flowy flow flow, I'd never do this on tv/

and disgrace my real flow, I see lil dicky izza funny hoe/

he an iLLumiNOTei dummy tho, lucky he aint shot an die slow/

Snoop helped make the joke, iono I wont buy little dicks album....

To the underground we go, blastin clowns new homes/

Wut have we foun it glow, that thunda soun it glow/

Blah blah blah blah blah, yo yo yo yo yo....hoe/

(c)2018-♾;Steve C Smith, All rights reserved/

yo my terrible wrap's hecka fzat, now itz copyrighted HOE/

Bustin loads on you hoes, leppercahn Don/

Muhfukaz yo yiggy yo, yul never get my gold!/

So dope clown myself hardcore, wen he really clownin yall/

Breakin lil dicks fucking nose, expose flows a this pro/

Real Hip Hop beyond bozos, muhfuckaz he gotta go/

Gropin on ya sistas titties, on my boxers she blow her nose/
....honestly lil dickys song is hilarious then it actually got a bit dark at the end. PEACE from tha B3ast!!!!*!!!!7D6 West East

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