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Only Prize Is Self Respect, Peace Of Mind, Health=fine
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AuthorTopic:  Only Prize Is Self Respect, Peace Of Mind, Health=fine

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posted Tuesday, April 17, 2018 2:07:49 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Cults been chasin/
Trappin, boxin/
Dem sever life lines/
an cut we off on roads/
Tryna trigger God/
So dem coward can frame him/
Hoe wan project an blame him/
sex used to modify behavior/
8008ytraps an ass claps.../
really mor chains an slave work/
Too bad for them/
Ey3 way way fucKing iLL3r/
Go from saint to serial killer/
b4 dem stop forcing nervous laughter/
Ev3t5 married her AFTER/
$he had already sold her soul/
Time told the toll and bull/
I was a stupid KID/
Dumb pure love fit like a glove/
her fat tits an big but/
Expensive rings to broken rings/
We dumber than ever here.../
and smarter still/
Canopy rises..../
Oak roots foot pain's bill/
Shape can't be killed/
Died in 1996/
Document hasn't changed/
No amnesia still bleed up/
Chi key stumps/
Figured som1 besides my right hand/
would stand on this island wit we/
Imuh die alone here/
Imuh make dem cry tears/
I faced my opponent infinite times/
I never lost once/
Dem brand names mask a wretched cunt/
Hoes sell away dem GoOD love/
Only poison iz 4 free dumb/
Still we need love/
Cycle continuum/
Shes rebirthed daily/
All these innocent little kids/
Nobody should ever know wut I kno/
the way I came to know wut i flow/
the scars will never leave/
the haunting will never cease/
All the evil put upon Steve/
will be converted calmly/
to crown jewels dem cant reach/
But yep you'll DAMNED see/
Fuck the cursed money/
/i\0N Ey3 command seas/
Dem nah wan recognize he.../
fairly in public scenes/
cause I own every host/
an I take care of WE/
always did.../
My coordinates KNOWN/
Stfu hoe, i never hid/
Im jus not playin/
Not playin wit dem denial/
To not recognize me.../
Deny mei you deny WE/
to deny your damn self/
bitches scream 4 love/
then off themselves/
and blame Mr. IncrediBull/
Sure I got 8/
but aye im not edible/
Hellboy outcha gut/
an this KID iz indelible/
infinite flow unfathomable/
Imuh keyp it too/
Imuh rip dem to fucking pieces/
I been tasting dem FEAR for decades/
Yall playin an im not/
HA so lets play/
Hex vexed yul need xrays/
my ex's threats got her bet slayed/
She's cursed forever/
Till she bleed correctlay/
I recognize me accurately/
So ultimately fuck yall hoo dont/
A few rebels might be found/
an eyel drop seed for gardens/
Meta4s cancel wars and squadrons/
My sense of humor...../
Pussys forgot I had 1won/
Mad exact guns slap tons/
Its horrifying being this great/
Clear the fucking premesis/
clones cant stand near the waves/
I created careers for years/
Cult agents trydo get another taste/
Trydo corner me in octagons/
Mor immature bastard fakes/
Dem laf until they screaming/
dem blood on my fucking teeth/
Im drinking yor bleeding/
the actual beast does not play/
LioN of honor buildm stronger/
Pain come no matter what/
GoOD bein VIRTUE..../
makes flesh host whirled...
a bit easier.../
but impatient weaklings need the dirt/
Nobody ever believed inum/
Nobody sed u can earn it/
and it'll REALLY be yours/
cheap ninja just drew swords/
and faked control with fake laws/
i Surpassed my wrap heroes/
Wonder wut I came for/
When I discovered the love i need/
in my reflection the real source/
Look at that dem vamps runnin out/
an now dem need more/
Well yuz better get on ya knees/
an I'll pick from these whores/
I might just walk away/
into some deep forrest/
die in peace wen i dnt eat/
Bless my sun an i need sleep/
Cant find a Queen/
I wont pay for her/
I know wut im worth/
this soul iz gorgeous/
Balding an host decaying/
still worth billions virtue staying/
Kill we We return stronger/

"We are not hue-man beings having a spearRitual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

Dollar collapsed, I brot tha gold bak/
Cross me agin, say gud bye to that ass/

I wont join u Palpatine. Yor a cheap bitch. I got me. U dnt have anything that cool.

To lose yourself in gaining a friend or woman is to join someone who is literally murdering you. Love will let you be and enhance and empower who we truly be. This isnt gay or simp shit. This isnt christ. This is basic math. Really simple. Money isnt the root of evil....the demon that built these tools of deceit is evil. The demon is Gods janitor. The morning star does not rival the the sun. Its poetry folks. The sky is not what you think it is. I myself will leave here and go talk to the boss up there and down there. Yep.

My fresh monotony will not perish.

The gates just opened and I dont care. I am still alone. So far ahead....it'll never change. The voices are not fun.

*AssWhole ruled by heART over mind feeling. Supreme Being....and I Am dieing. The offerings b4 my death will be scanned...if im not pleased....humanity will be forced into extinction. No more childrrn will be forced to suffer in pointless slavery for idiot pigs like the Rothschilds. No one will pass me. I will only be met where we iz. Send assassins PLEASE...got a few blood spilling moves no one will block. I reversed your wack ass "Hip Hop". Fyi the assassin Lord bows b4 Steve an iz we amigo. Alpha espacio granted...i kNOw.

Teri u a bitch. Im the Legend u wittle dwarf. U couldah had a good friend who is weirder than you fool. Sza, TeenAhShay, Amala....gud luck tryna FUCK him...truth with love and humility is likely to work mor wonders for yor greedy blind hor bitch asses. Lovely ASSets btw. We all just babies.

Peace to those helping humanity not be stupid. I love you. Keep helping.

Steven Christian Smith, some guy

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Total Posts: 309
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Tuesday, April 17, 2018 2:16:30 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Imagine sacrificing yourself like this a hundred thousand times to just get better at sacrificing yourself. Lol. Nightmare. It starts with shitty stick figures folks. A long terrible process and the govt is trying to hide the path to keep you weak. Fortunately "superheroes" are real and several are hetero alpha Supreme Fathers who love to eat pussy so we can perpetuate humanity, maybe.

You hate this? Me too. Thankless work but it works very well. The devil in me is very real too. I keepm under wraps. I prefer bbqs an peace over murder.

Im sitting in a frying pan like "what's cookin?"

Partial IP: 224.194.89

Dyme Secta

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Member Since: 2017
Location: spacetime
posted Tuesday, April 17, 2018 8:49:38 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Dyme Secta
Way out there. Tight work getting busy. Later.

- dymesecta

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