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High Fever Typhus | Agent 7d6 Diss Part. Iii 56 Bars
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AuthorTopic:  High Fever Typhus | Agent 7d6 Diss Part. Iii 56 Bars
Dyme Secta

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Member Since: 2017
Location: spacetime
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 1:04:08 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Dyme Secta
Let's have some fun, thanks a ton if read along and comment.

make'n a mess || Running the route wrong ||
U Shoulda went left || Save ya breath ||

Glad to see ya got that || Keynote ||
Off ya chest || Shoot a bet ||

With six projectiles || Don't be upset ||
Eject ya cortex || Like a TDK cassette ||

Mother Theresa wept'd || Hang'n ya from a bayonet ||
Wanna close shave || Go buy a Gillette ||

Precise exacto knife ||Transcribe'n this verse ||
on ya neck || Come correct ||

Call'n ya shapeless || Because y4 lack depth ||
For 3 months || U were quiet as kept ||

Agents trace steps || Now you back at it ||
Getting bake'd || unleavened baguettes ||

Rock ya dome || Shabbat Shalom || Israeli rocket lock'n on ||
This baby pegasus express || surely you jest ||

Take this agent out easily || Another sure bet ||
Kick ya like Miguel || All in the comments stress'd ||

Saw it all at Mt Carmel || pay'n respects ||
Leave ya in yarn factory || to spin a new thread ||

Spray'n agent orange || Code red ||
Give'em cold sweat || Cook'n shape croquette ||

Quit fumbling the whole deck || Make ya take a rain check ||
Uncertainties u can't guess || Keep rap'n and practice'n ||

self proclaimed vet || Not dymesecta's life ||
He couldn't care less || Read this in context ||

Came up with the concept || In a conclave ||
Think'n convex || about a solar apex ||

U just bright a little || Follow'd ya train wreck ||
of poorly place'd || Rhymes out side the riddle ||

Not to be fickle || Had to rip you || This magma don't get cool ||
punches gotta fist full || Mental grips pull ||

The best you offer || Get diced with the salsa ||
each word impact || dymesecta swinging golf clubs ||

Adonai spoke || Burn'n all shrubs ||
Soaring higher post'n forrest fire ||

just to horrify ya || Uplift this wack emcees ||
no need to demoralize em ||

You don't want it || who's goliath ||
rap patterns off the chain || no cordless devices ||

Nobody to call on || inna crisis ||
with high fever typhus ||

We know who the nicest ||
and who on the tarmac flightless ||

Keep it righteous ||
Couldn't see clearly on cyprus ||

Move'n at the speed of life plus ||
You don't proxy fight much ||

Tight'n up ||
adjust the bar for you ||
is it high enough ||

Try and reach it ||
Bet you burn out ||
Off the cuff ||

Rough || Sum it up || Ya just lack the guts ||
Better luck next time || for now that's enough ||

- dymesecta

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Total Posts: 309
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 5:17:09 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
You're that zit faced white guy I saw in Safeway grocery store today aren't you? Thatd make perfect sense why that dumb hag coward puppet bitch emplyee at the self check out hugged you like the hero u definately aren't. U passed me several times like dem idiot snakes do with an excited demon in your worthless recon muppet eye.

My craft can not be diminished. Nope.

The Lucyfairyant army loses hard. Bow down.

Imuh read that fat hag COWard bitch's face next trip to the store.

Find a Father you imbecile bastard. Your life iz in danger. I myself am fine.

The deception will stop. Most will die from the light. Good.

Partial IP: 224.194.89


Total Posts: 309
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 1:33:50 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Aye kid...is goin to be a delay in givn u mor charitabull pimp slapz to ya bitch face in rhyme form. U mad slow an dnt inspire me. U last priority. U got nothing but a fag in yor mirror. I appreciate yor chicken neck on the diamond chop block tho...i jus dnt hv time 4 a mor thoro diss. U hv been removed from the octopussygon i built for humanitys trash. Other assignment have popped up like having sex with Sza an meeting Kenny g the wanna be black thundercat. Call me delusional, lol. Ya script is really weak dood. U cant best me. Its gud to believe in yaself tho. Try the truth sometime. You might not lose your host after a few more chex by the reeper if u wisen up. Laugh about IT. Nobody can clown me better than me. U crazy wack. U real repulsive. Expect me to forget to stab u in yor face agin. Like i forgot about SlimeDefectRuk for 3 months u say? Wtf? Lol...u KEPT track...wow. u counted months...new levels of extreme failure i see. Congrats bitch. Itz ya birfdey.

"Call'n ya shapeless || Because y4 lack depth ||
For 3 months || U were quiet as kept"

^Thatzzz one tha fakest punches i have ever herded in my entire life. Str8 crooked bitch denial of yorself losing really badly. Now u tied to a firing line, sit an wait and die from excitement while i prolly forget yor there. YOU kept me quiet for 3 months? Wtf? Black magik liars cant wrap gal pal. U got gats permanently in yor faggot throat now. U r grossly mistaken and insignificant. Draft iz closed. U not allowed. Y tha FUK u tink u deserve a rhyme right away wen u already got two and failed every test? U so far off itz tragic. U look like my sister. I rightfully hate her. U shld collab wit her an her trans dotr who think she a "legal" boy now. The bold face lies are the wackest ish. Boy George's faggot classic was on the radio an hr ago....an there u wer. Yes i wnt to hurt u but no tm. I kno u dnt understand. Keep twistin the truth to suit wut u lack and ignore the results. That shit dnt wrk. U tryna be a rich slave? Yuck

If u local im happy to fist fight. All real mc CAN back it up with a fist. U not one of us. U like my sis Cindy and my Brother Kevin, a wack bitch. U been warned, again. Im the actual Peace piece. Yor the police pig deceased beast least good. Jay z a nobody. So that makes u wut? One dead irritating bitch. U dnt warrant a rhyme. U just an arrested development enveloped quick. Ya rhyme scheme exposes u...i kno u cant really fight. 50cent cant even fight, not here, nope. Agin..u r hoo? Ya nm iz wut?

Slime protector? Get a clue dumbfuck. Show som respect for having anuthr opportunity maybe to inhail air for anuthr day.

If u not givn advice an arent a teacher then u arent Hip Hop. U dnt inspire me. I kindly grabbed yor throat an talked you down from yor suicidal stance. Go hed an climb bak to jump again...is yor choice. I hv no end to treasure but this is one host with a real life.

You are now horrifyingly in debt. Deny it all u want. Im worldwide, 4 of a hundred albums available now an UP in 12 cuntTrees, independent. Im not bragging. Jus tellin the truth. Im alive to provide divine service to help this pitiful mundo dumbo. Im sorry u are a clone with so much pain ahead of u as u fight for the deceiver's rewards. U get the speech cuz u rep the microcosm of millions of peoples failure. U lock nothing but yourself in a cage for examination.

U sed i shldah gone left....left or right eyem right. U cant relate. I noticed.

U got revelation like, nope...u fake. Choke on yor disgrace. Maybe itll clique an yul stop wasting time. If it cliques you are last priority a hundred yrs from now. I speak to a hundred million just like you, now.

Wish u wer capable of writing better. Check out McFucks latest. He way ahead of you and he iz crazy ill and I butchered him years ago because he is basically you if u are able to secure yor future trials to be burned mor. He might actually be ready to meet Steve, a Vampire. A kind one who is actually a really nice guy. Yall dnt want his dark flip. There is no answer to it except humanitys extinction. Stfu.

Again...a fist fight can be arranged HERE. Im in the west bay. U see me like, no, u do not see me. No matter how much i show nobody ever found me. This KID crushes entire clone farm systems. All yall have been marked. Its entirely tragic. Luciferian thot wakin tha Master would be neto. It will not be neto or super keen. Ask Ian Mathius Bavitz and Jaime. Yor name is erased. Yor attack on my alias completely missed my definition. Im not sure how people can disrespect artists like Bruce Lee who we gave yall to learn from. Ion Ey3 named his steez. He is immortal. If this was just for YOU i would not have typed it. I look forward to spilling the blood of thousands just like you. Ask Skoob an Dre. Im dead serious. Laugh about it.

Partial IP: 224.194.89

Dyme Secta

Total Posts: 504
Member Since: 2017
Location: spacetime
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 3:02:32 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Dyme Secta
Thanks for the read and feed. Have a super day. Later.

- dymesecta

Partial IP: 224.194.89


Total Posts: 309
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 4:52:32 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Write a rap about having no balls u flimsy cheap Castro duck. U couldnt pass the wut? in class A plussed. Bagd in badger funk. Packed in trunk no dap u runt. U an unguarded practice target..yuz witch's black magik marksman. Yor gassed departed ass iz marked bitch. U cant reflect that back im smarterest.ion got no rules but to devise dem. Untie dem to justify a tight pen. while stompn titans im yawnin an sighin. U irresponsibley disrespectful, im like why man? U ain high man. Wuz ya location idiot? Ya game tainted aced quick. Another slain bitch in mazes stay ripped. Tha closest dope boy next to me, Is lifetimes away from bustin the same clip. I train folks to not be like you...pussy boy gwan die. Go be silly an hype, a net fight where u died nuthr thouzand times....ya hands tied while you lied boutcha cape, olay hoe...yo yo yo yiggy flibby flobby yo yogi bear son...cause some proof of truth slap ya bottom toof thru the roof ya mouf dunce...broke ya neck...no respect to dull styles...ya flow bows an throw bowels ode to YOU hoax cow. Ya references are not menacing. U play golf? Figures. Tiger took u to the woods hoe...intro to glow? nope...a grave winter...u balance opposites like identical twin cloned sisters....im sayin u wacked yourself....i foun time for yuz foul swine...charitable donation....then ripped out ya spine...well...u didnt actually have one.....but i finished the rhyme....optimus prime shine my church shoes....whole place is on fire....u inside that bitch liar....dire eye work to burn ya wire tapd shirt. Im off the scale pal. This is a live espirito. U are in danger...thats 4 shure. My mic is work...some ish u cant do....so go drink som soda and pretend yor a mountain. Memory wipe sniped yor life...u forgot that u found one.



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