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AuthorTopic:  Stfu

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posted Sunday, April 22, 2018 7:47:13 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
"Us slaves went from a direct conscious prison world to a system perceived as freedom, a covert form of slavery most humans can not perceive. This was done because the slave unable to see the prison is less likely to revolt and track down the slave master to murder the Pharoah or whoever greedy bitch is vampirizing a civilian body for personal gain. Instead, the slave kills themself or another slave while the wizard of oz hides safely with all of our tax money at their disposal to build more D.U.M.B.s to plan an annialation of a worker class bot bred out of control. L.O.D., illuminotti, Rothschilds, Adam Weishop..../i\ON Ey3 may have SPELLed that ronG. 90% of hueMans are sure to never comprehend multilayers of covert puppetry, deception, manipulation, theft. Oh golly no one would ever LIE and lie and lie to consistently milk strangers paychecks FOREVER and sit pretty anywhere on earth with anything they desire!!! THINK. How many sovereign royals would rise through a multitude self policing slave bot COWard goyum through extremely powerful ACCEPTED lies and ranks of well paid assassins to track down people who have limitless wealth and secret passageways everywhere? Not many. Instead of THINKING, how many idiot fucks focus on my run on sentence and grammer instead of the gun I just handed them to protect their rights as sovereign beings. If the slave class is kept docile and unarmed while the ruling class maintains a programmaBull militant class of organic murder bots to keep the slave class in place.....we stay as slaves. Most cant form an electrically coded linguistic SPELLED out wave of conscious antiFuckery to save their toddlers from obvious brainwash or poison like McDonalds. We are bred with limited access to truth's word as the hidden rich fux planned. Most info IS available for the seekers who are watched, tested, guided to higher up positions to hopefully be appeased and silenced. These are the Captain America types against AmeriKKKa who threaten those who threaten them and advance through the widow's web of deception happy to risk their necks to remove a stranger's unfair influence from a self proclaimed King. A bot can bravely or ignorantly choose to KILL for self. Defensive murder is a basic program so worker bees can protect the flow of production. Seekers practice the same covert warfare as the perceived ruler and build their own schools of wisdom over knowledge, wizardry over sorcery, navy seal over faggot General, Sovereign cyborg awol self mastery over basic soldier murder bot. Times are changing. People do not like strangers in their private affairs. As the evil cloak, veil is slowly pulled from the library of deceit over thousands of years we eventually catch the rat whose jeweled crown has our social security info and bank account info in it....eventually we have enough advanced guards that work like Tron and say FUCK YOU ruling class coward back off or I will murder you BITCH....and bots risk their lives to reprogram the evil pig programmer. "Nature" will remain wild and free all in all....just as the elite "master" wishes for all they desire, the lowest dumbass organic a.i. bot has dreams too. Corrupt uncaring leadership does not perservere. Eventually greed creates imbalances which are detected and slaves see "there are more of us than you. We are larger than you. You have 500 hamburgers and my 5 children only have half a burger to share. Why are you not sharing? You bought your five hundred hamburgers by forcing me to surrender part of my wages? Hmmm, my friends and I know where you live and will storm your castle tonight and murder you. One of your low paid guards wants more burgers too. We are hungry. One of my kid bots died last year of malnutrition. We will risk our lives and let you know DIRECTLY that you may not lead us anymore. Im strong, im smarteresterest, I was a pro athlete with some military training. Ive been training alone FOR FREE. I can and will KILL YOU, FUCK YOU BITCH GIVE US MORE HAMBURGERS AND THAT AND THAT AND THAT TOO!!!!*!!!!"
-Book X

Thee epic story. "The FORCE is real"-Harrison Ford Truck SoulLow

"Fairness and honor is demanded of slaves to perform quality work. What comes around goes around. Simple logic. The hog heaven excess will not pass."-Book X

"Steven Christian Smit, My government name. Kill me kill me KILL ME. I dare anyone to try. I will not die. MY program has already been entered and is overthrowing the old bitch pig inbred greedy blackheart assWhole hog heaven slop fuckery out of business. Killing this particular host will only tidal wave further verification to commence a more ruthless mutiny. I planned this. Im not alone. No one is alone. WE are 1won."
-Flying Murderous InvisiBull Monster Vampire Sh4peshifter Cannibal Book

.....Ei knocks. We wont keep knocking. We can ram the gate down. It happened already fyi.

Lay down, stfu. Race is irrelevent. We are HONOR AND VIRTUE. WE AND WE ONLY RULE NOW AND FOREVER. Stewpit fools. Sneer all you want bitch.

WORDS must be used. Express yourselves. Be fair.

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