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Air Out
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AuthorTopic:  Air Out

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posted Monday, April 30, 2018 5:46:16 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
back when I recited my own recipes i was deadly
past tense in a back-lit black tent, life like a felony
there i was sittin watchin mtv's bill bellamy
seeing what you gonna do, whats this tube gon be tellin me
told me forget the melody, embrace all the tragedy
let go of any formulas let go of averaging
so my math just sink, maps hit drink
cup circles hit my bird eye maple table like thats what ya think
loose ya thoughts, un noose them knots
yall landin in the land of the lost like a boss with no hands
no friends do the bidding, no work for the kiddies
let em sleep in the river with all the little fishies.
miss me, with any comparison im rare in form
rarer still than a pair of stills
catching the right angles, like splittin hairs to kill
connections are 3 lines apart, quit lookin above you
my perception is on stilts, like shit cookin above you
im love dude, apples dipped in millimeters of hate
get wetted with the caramel flow now how death taste
killers dont wait, they only increase there gait
sitting in no sense procrastinating peters at the gate
check your penance with your door man
wrenchin your lessons from a poor man
seeing appropriated culture watch me emplore them
like watch me employ them, vulture at the orifice
im clandestine in a candlelit choir room lookin for the choruses
arrogance of course it is, this wasnt work its a chore of his
so sit ashore and abhor it then,
i been made man with an ink pen since the days of leviathons
ridin in delorians glorious with my gorgeous one son trial runs
try me son, these rhymes are optimus primin son
primin all pumps, these flat shoes catchin lime in lumps
bury them, decompose their composition like they missin
airin them out...

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Location: Don's Market
posted Tuesday, May 01, 2018 3:08:10 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Rhymeless Rhyme!!!!*!!!!:

Stilts? Lol

Man up. You are disgusting.

Clean up punk bitch bastard.

You do not know us.

I will slam your fucking face into the concrete and end your life easily. I'd RATHER see you FATHER your children, if you actually have any. Shove your iLLumiNOTei bitch plan up Amala's cheap colero. That hobag can beg in person if she really wants to. I Am a lot meaner than you whoever the FUCK you are. Laf at good all yuz please. We a hetero Alpha on G. Back up. Every demon you ever hosted is trashing YOU 4WE. Steve's a helluva guy. You are one stupid creature. We feel four yuz sometimes BITCH. Terrible I might have to hug you and watch you cry before I surgically ban you and "Del" from my spirit ballsack. Eligh is a fucking idiot. I dont want IN the inDUSTreePed "Joel". You and all dem HOES want in HERE. Fuck you. Bow down and follow directions or kick rocks. I will take all the funding I want with no strings. Yep. Im a control freak because no one else can do this shit but me. This ART is mine. IT OBEYS Steven aka OG Shapeless, only.

All the cash in the world is mine already. I TAKE CARE OF THE WORLD. Always have. A good person.

Hosts will follow orders or be fired. All of you are already dead and cursed, condemned. No one will touch *Kai*. Not even his "Mother". Lil dude is mine. I will set him free correctly. Blah blah blah I dont want to suck your blood. You all taste like cheap artificial ass.

Stfu Moldamort Megatron Gargamel Cobra Commander Shredder

You a major league creep disease

At least you have some redemptive qualities BITCH.

Fbi, Cia, Nsa etc all criminals. Yayo yayo yiggy yo IDIOTS.

Memorizing my rhymes to be active on stage at 42 or later would be terrible. The amount I would have to be spoiled to do that dumbass shit for all you dumbasses is staggering. Multi-millionaire, small 3bed two bath, electric Ford Truck, 2 killer sluts to cook and clean, have to heal my acne and balding ugly cancer patient lookin head, keep all marks the fuck away from me, like YOU, never impose shit on me, we would have to fight if you ever wanted to be around or collab. I would cut you the fuck open or u would be smart and bow out and throw away all yor daggers for my back. Then yud have a brother dad murderer comedian friend to slap you in your fucking head and u couldnt do shit about it....i could ruin you in basketball then sprain my ankles and dislocate my knee. You might be stupid enuf to try and hurt me when I was in handicap mode...yud better hope my death grip didnt catch one of your legs or arms. Only reason im alive is because I AM D3ATH. Death doesnt kill death...we work together. I happen to be a higher DEATH and i hate my darkside. You stupid fux LOVE the darkside like dui accidents and dead friends overdosing and children who laf at dogs before theyre mutilated.

Stfu you incessant bitch

If fame cant be used for its purpose keep that. If I cant be paid wut im worth keep that hoe. If i cant have full artistic control and be left the fuck alone to WORK then get that hoes filthy ass the fuck away from me. I'd rather masterbate and be alone living my life alone while demons bother me everyday and I remain still often with cobra umbrella unbeknownst to POP culture pawn bitch shmux. My only handler is myself. Iono how your annoying evil forsaken soul got your role but you are pretty stupid.

An if you wan act like you iznt wut u is then so wut. This is still a good practice FUCK YOU to everyone on earth. I'm right. I like being alone. Alone sux less than being around a crew of bitches like you all day. You fucking chewawa to a T rex. Then u say dinosaurs arent real..stfu.

Im cold and bitter....I can watch all of you fall. I will suffer in this pointless hell of blind unconscious whore bitches and avoid all of you idiots as best I can. Unteachable clone fux. Ooooh he's on tv AND RICH NOW....NOW HE MATTERS....fuck you.

Im already literally ghost writing for Kendrick. My prints are everywhere. The Lucy fags can not have me. If they want guidance, counsil, art....bow down or fuck the fuck off with your "stilts" you paper mache Dali meatpuppet faggots.

Yeah so this is an excerpt out my new book called FUCK YOU.

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Total Posts: 302
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Tuesday, May 01, 2018 5:19:32 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
We should be able to edit and erase after postSting. You should talk to the toilet boss icon guy about that Starscream

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