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AuthorTopic:  Nonsens

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posted Thursday, May 03, 2018 10:25:35 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
without context these are just bars
without bombthreats those were just cars
without moms ex these are just scars

so im far from disconnected im just connected to the stars
more than human, more than just struck words this is my art
cars rumbled as my soundtrack cerwin vegas from afar
back when marb reds was the card, i pulled up on plenty broads like
suspenders upending her hard,
this is prophetic past tense scripture, this is fissures in the yard
whispers in the guards, ears like open your back up for a back up plan to reach your cerebellum
here to tell em im mars
born from soft core porn born in southern oregon treelines
dippin on these felines im thorns on rewind
catch me in the briar on timeout im lookin at her behind
from behind this broken mask, task taken to the flask
alcoholics called ass, im tryin to be more respectful
these served women tend to be regretfully forgetful
enlisted in the service for efforts forgotten before i entered
i entered the dojo in slomo forgot to keep my head centered
spent time with many pastors, spent words on many bastards
this was after the backwards ass shit i suffered in the backwoods
texas was a mess his kid was in a red tercel, i paid for
crossin route 66 after this bitch kicked me out of the bed that was made for
her... wait for emotional weight to take form, now wait more
this is the type of shit creates a late sore, festering yours
truly im duly obligated to pay more, dont say more
do less with the checks they write while you fight on top of claymore
just to pay forward...
all them things you did bad when, kids you almost had then
like constant upheaval of much people all those mad men
sayin you made man, seems unbelievable i didnt make plan
or spend time trying to decipher the code, just weathered the storm
feathered the airlift and launched sequence norms
until i seent too much i lose lunch and head home

without context these are just bars
without bombthreats those were just cars
without moms ex these are just scars
so im far from disconnected im just connected to the stars

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posted Friday, May 04, 2018 1:15:45 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Yor a genius
I keyed in
Tho locked out
We saw see in
Hmmmm like me him
Him me
Another lost brother
Awakening in dem fuckery
Typical pecking order mortars
Pissn contest
Who the fuck will take orders
Fight to restore conscience
borders an monstez
Opened up like porous on it
Set traps for my traps
As i bash locked latch
Another lock after the latch
and more onion after that
Two peas in a pod
Parallel planes i look soft
Wen im more hard
Thats why im more "simp"
You trigga off shallow stigma
Woops i jus got bigga sick
"Immortal portal download
I cracked the sound code"
Fuck yall
I quote my undamned self
Magnet an drown "foes"
An i kno i have none
Saw my collective self
Cause I foun 1won
Joust an oust tons
Roost moose the crown love
Down up round up
Born fair
Honor verb shore shot
Or we all a dead crop
Megatron needs Optimus
Or theres no fucking story
No show no hegelian
The still dialect no warring
But the reset inevitable
A better bull thought not credible
Jus masterbating in waiting
To take every hoe
More love in the lashings
More passion in the crash sting
An im old now an dieing
This vessel lafn at the blind "king"
I knew why so many ops shot
It was personal
Dem god I was God
It wasnt fair
I had mor talent dem had mor bodies
Ish balanced owt
Now Sza doin Karate
Dem scream how Im nothin
Lock out no im not needed
An if im so worthless
Why so many wan kill him?
Arsenio hall hmmmmm?
Call me crazy wen I see it clear
Call me delusional wen i break fear
Call me weak wen yor left powerless
All in all all sides are right
All sides are mobius
Balance of opposites blowin clips
Im Luke therfore Anakin
An Im fit to connect the bridge
Hands made of fire
Ascending the deepest water
a healing vicious slot her
I run away once I caught her
Auto engineering
I wanna meet the ol masters
I wanna killm all
But thats suicidal
One in the same
Jus difrnt time an place
How could this be?
Dum dum ended the race
Bended the space
Rented the grace
my blood flood
Spit out wen Im ate
Sheer will mere skill
Fuck fear i steer kills
Simply complex
Complexity made simple
Another self dermis immaculate
Wen this zomie corpse has pimples
Fuck yall Gun do
Wen i rip me worse than u can
reversing dem fear
conquerin the whole land
German saucers land
bBrLoAwCnK woahman in hand
I likem loyal am I spoiled?
No I Am Master Command
millions pissed cause he "white"
BITCH i was born at midnight
Trunk tight the end of life
or the genesis peace 2nite
I cant take the credit
My enemy is my friend headless
Frankenstein Dracula's apprentice
Another life we'll head switch
How'd i do it
I sacrificed my god DAMNED life
hardly slept at night
dungeon spongin
Curmudgeon poltergeist
touched my niece in the pants
prolly less than a second
Daemon almost blocked my
Path to redemption
Now she's transgender
I didnt want to recommend it
Outed my small forgotten tresspass
Firewalker lost my sister
Even tho she still livin
Dark family secrets
No one wants to follow steven
Dem sins are far worse
the demons I can feelum
Im braver than brave
give me my poison NOW
Life is to live
I love truth wherez my cows?
Burnt to a crisps
Tryna see my middle name chris
Bi-polar deathly abyss
electric head exposed tv surveillance
I was abandoned ripped to shit
Relative frame for all pain
Suicides over bad grades
when crack babies survive rape
aRose from cracks in concrete
become Doctors in truth reign
My balls the size of Kong
not out about to show off
an Im gorgeous
once shun the rust off
Im dumber than the dumb god
a front runner thru gun shots
Spiritually merked in 96
Yah thots thought host wood follow
in the woods escaped the gallows
Acute obsidian mental mint
Obtuse surrounding enemy camps
Deny all authors
Scribing my own story clinched
Destroy who thinks for me
Unless honor iz in tha steez
I bleed the fuck out a steed
Behind you with vulcan daggers
While I front for your opposer
who makin peace treaties in the scabberd
heART of war Master of peace
Capture b3ast put it to slE[6]3p
Amazing feat cant defeat
Yor suicide if you slayin WE
Daze her wit D
crazy baby in love with me
She fuckn the othr watchn me
My time will fleet cycles repeat
but a thousand yrs
is one day for me
Love dove crazily
Sages dream paid the fee
Limitations host IT eats
I can boast an boast
eventually reflect toast decrease
Tight rope a circus scene
Erk tha Queen til she laf wit me
Never WANTED to mars bar mars
but the stars are fake
Rome's door fucked ajar
Im not asking
Im taking hearts

Gutted myself sacrificed to royals
Need to lock a muse
I need peace it's LOYAL
I might flip diabolic
I love sex, a devil frolic
might gorge my horns
an kill this angelic rebel
Arch Angel with a cigarette
Belittle my bell toll

Really tho...she locks herself
Blood iz elvin he part elf
Fourever we are
an we know the poem
the ring is broken
but hand in hand
we jump an flown canyon
Ol magik ol Legend
Repelling death
our pawns cant catch it
Leavm legless
Arm arm leg leg headless
YOU wanna come an stress him?
No u dont
5150 "psychopath"
Dykes flip back
boy is nice Man hei B4D
choke on your foot sandwich bitch
Golly, eyem hella rad

Shapeless is a professional Visual Artist and Independent Musician from the Bay Area in California,  U.S.A..  Available Projects below:

Shapeless, ALBUM1-

sHApeless, ALBUM2-
"Underground Colossus":

Shapeless, ALBUM3-
"Idiot Genius":

"Shape Rocks":


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Total Posts: 72
Member Since: 2017
posted Friday, May 04, 2018 1:43:24 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Marty
Dope from the beginning, mcf

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Total Posts: 10320
Member Since: 2012
Location: Sirius or Xm?
posted Monday, May 07, 2018 3:48:13 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
thanks, i like this one too.

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Total Posts: 72
Member Since: 2017
posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018 9:01:01 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Marty
is your name pronounced emcee fuck or mick fuck?

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posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018 11:44:53 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Porkelin
Killer hook

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Maymon Fresh

Total Posts: 1045
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Location: Can you be perfect
posted Wednesday, June 06, 2018 7:57:06 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Maymon Fresh   Click Here to Email Maymon Fresh
O M G this is by far the hardest muthafunkin ish i read from you..tis dope i tell you

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