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Dialectic Debris | Forum Collection | Verses 1-41
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AuthorTopic:  Dialectic Debris | Forum Collection | Verses 1-41
Dyme Secta

Total Posts: 504
Member Since: 2017
Location: spacetime
posted Monday, June 11, 2018 7:25:46 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Dyme Secta
Let's have some fun, thanks a ton if read along & comment.

1. Sirens Spit Phonemically | 32 Bars | September 20, 2017 8:58:45 PM

In the animal kingdom wack emcees are ostriches.
Underground hip hop runs the metropolis.
Placed on the surface with a purpose filled with reimbursements.
Big city business handle above blemished churches.
My lovey asking what I have seen, these pair of eyes are mine.
Spare her mind, tried telling the truth like we traveled time.
Honesty is an odyssey, where sirens spit phonemically.
beyond the reef, in a submarine nicknamed non belief.
Drinking out the bottle for the sober taunting king cobras.
is dymesecta nice? does glycerol nitrated blow up?
Come correct, graffiti is art first.
May my next breath be released in a rap verse.
Some say its no culture but what do they know?
Gave us something to do when they said their was no hope.
Love rhymes hot as ever check the thermal detection,
in grand form exceed the norms of embodied perfection.
Keystyle appliance mastered psychic science.
Plugged in like an alliance smooth and steady no defiance.
Keeping cabin pressure when choppy air is turbulent,
words jump off the screen scared too death ill murder them.
Conceal thoughts in all times of deep perspective.
Patience with my craft until my life force is ejected.
Force a fool back in time exchange their life for Socrates.
Don't cry drinking this hemlock continuing the prophecy.
Kick a verse shatter all fragile matter on earth,
before that swing an axe taking numbskulls first.
Fight back defeat the purpose no denying whats ah far.
Navigate mapping dead sea scrolls in clay jars.
Fresh find with major rhymes, written word gold refined.
Try and out think dymesecta, leave you out your mind...
Become a pawn in the crusades, trying to dine on soufflé.
High light of my day there where no fake charades. - dymesecta

2. Swim No Sinking | 16 Bars | September 21, 2017 7:52:31 PM

A yo its swim no sinking since birth we hear the spirits cry.
shall I solidify heavy language keeps me thinking.
On the up side of things, think positive but drama
brings cold nights and darker days out of pain.
We spend most of our lives clouded by, past the limits.
faster lovies, and new alibis. Matriarchs cry sadden eyes.
When offsprings strategize with violent minds.
Loving lovies, while chasing dollars will make ya wanna holler
dymesecta better than empanadas after smoking lala.
So just chill it down a notch. Wack emcee sweet butter scotch.
Umpaloompa type emcees who think they hot better stop.
Emcee cant fresh like this. Never compare me to a legend
not blessed with the gift. From the depths got a grip
the best i get who else can clench the top spot
when no sweat gets dripped, come see what I mean.
Young man with a vision, when I am old I'll dream. - dymesecta

3. The Burgundy Cloak | 12 Bars | September 22, 2017 7:32:50 PM

dymesecta on approach in an UFO.
from go to throat hello fresh off the rope.
Brag & boast bell pepper dragon breath had to gloat.
Embryos croak, haven't yet cracked they seed coats.
Get hit with fatal blow, leave em lyrically 8 below.
Stuck in a bakery factory scared to break a loaf.
Out think Dr. Strange for that burgundy cloak.
Try and go against the grain, eat some Wheaties, then post?
Rap patterns shine so abrasive don't play the odds
Twelve bar keystyle mediation, hotter than iron rings on door knobs.
Come correct or don't come at all, get that attitude adjusted.
Last bar pass'n off, who up next switch the subject! - dymesecta

4. Suicide High Note | 16 Bars | September 23, 2017 3:43:29 AM

Too many close friends ended their lives with suicide high notes.
Fatal hoax couldn't find love or hope but found a rope.
Forget gas charge em up then crash the volt.
wack emcee still can't get a verse the answer's no!
More bars than support beams on the Verrazano.
Playing Underground Hip hop not Bono.
There's in the out and then there is in the know.
Only way to run with me is bare feet in three foot snow.
When it comes to keystyle rhymes dymesecta red hot coals.
Rap industry is on the internet biting my flows.
True players never make good coaches get focused.
Jump into the ocean of greatness then deep stroke it.
Who boasting? Wack emcees style ashy it needs lotion.
Who Hungry? On John The Baptist diet honey and locus.
Speak thoughts inspire baptize mind with text fire.
With desires for more than a kingdom inside an empire. - dymesecta

5. Hate And Hyperbole | 16 Bars | September 24, 2017 1:32:38 PM

Accolades get half a blade. Wack emcees don't deserve it deep.
Unimpressed with weak debates fake hate & hyperbole.
Lovey Black & Turkish. Deep posts give her purpose.
Never been bothered by jaw jack trash talk that's certain.
Live wire on the lose time to lock down 33rd.
Wack emcees on the keys trapped in a sleeping curse.
Don't wake em up! Greatness is cool but it isn't enough.
Calling all bluffs. Uninformed minds love to play tough.
In an elephant rush thrust full length ivory tusks.
Elon Musk with way too much guess what we pulling up.
Innocence left in the dust thirty minuets before dusk.
When the sunsets love being dymesecta what's up?
Key logging tell a friend this takes minimal effort.
Love hip hop on the internet. Get lost no care for a lecture.
Deeper deceptions life travels into a different direction.
No need study medicine wack emcees dying off let em then. - dymesecta

6. Information Over Space | 12 Bars | September 25, 2017 6:38:35 PM

Tony Perkis flipped on glass to intimidate heavy weights.
Had my way all wack emcees today would have flesh decay.
We can pontificate how fast things can escalate.
Catch the puppeteer with rusty sheers wouldn't hesitate.
Cowards jump through hoops just to find an escape.
For steamed shrimp & broccoli dishes on chyna plates.
dymesecta don't snort nothing but can cut 12 dope lines a day.
rare finds crypto currencies time to mine digi estates.
High stakes. In the age of information over space.
Search bars at large right on time for the save.
Do it deluxe. Invest duckets. Rain water over the buckets.
Upsets wrapped in set backs knowing never rush it. - dymesecta

7. Never Out Think | 12 Bars | September 26, 2017 8:35:24 PM

Manifest beneath clouds with a slightly slanted brow.
Text bending sound meanwhile tryna keep it in the now.
In the time it took to think saw this verse flash in blink.
This verse's a sickness the CDC could never out think.
True enough mental grip strength no loosen up.
Exciting lighting striking couldn't care less who get struck.
Beware poor advising. Lively well wishers lying wisely.
Wack emcees find text dope through their eye b's blinding.
Off the noose with a clue and see a feast for the dining.
Never sought to find ribbons in the sky or silver lining.
Paul said remember my chains & that was in confinement.
Came up smart learned early take time to reading the fine print. - dymesecta

8. Modal Mental Physique | 12 Bars | September 27, 2017 11:01:31 PM

Over by the ledge off the edge convinced Icarus to leap.
Trainspotting in this house a spouse wouldn't even tweak.
Bo peep couldn't protect the sheep ate lamp chops for weeks.
Nothing unique skip disbelief then take it to the peak.
Unsatisfied until all wack emcees heads roll at my feet.
Bernini couldn't sculpt a better modal mental physique.
Beaked whale diving 10,000 feet in the great deep. Hope to see.
Mermaids wearing seashells over cleavage with pearly teeth.
Traveling business man deck of cards in hand with subtle mystique.
Trick the liar tripping the trip wire heart wont skip a beat.
Imagination to the extreme crosses the lines of psychosis
dymesecta focus on rare form dopeness. - dymesecta

9. Time To Digest | 12 Bars | September 28, 2017 7:00:29 PM

Perplexed not vexed. Close in on death inna breath.
Not made of kevlar still blessed. Hoping no loved one next.
On that long list of names by the day witness it stretch.
Surely thy jest. Harsh reality truth diet. Time to digest.
Crash collision with any threat. Battle scared reps.
Vivid depth. Following what once was with close steps.
Alter the patterns. Makers double shot at Ashes tavern.
Converse with bar maids put it down let the Blackburn.
Open eyes chose sides. Whole time Bert wanted to slap Ernie.
Wheels in the sky. Dumb fly. Prepared for a journey.
Strategically discerning. Everyday keep the gears turning.
Old bridges burned out find a new route to ideal yearnings. - dymesecta

10. Riddled The Ancients | 12 Bars | October 01, 2017 11:44:29 PM

At three percent easily nice. Flow deep water blackout.
Study the metrics. Triple check it. Whenever calculating amounts.
Persistent effort. A different type of deafness. Zero self doubt.
For family go all the way arachnid. Six extra limbs to help out.
Creative imagination surpasses amazing through the last equations.
Hot fire blazing shadows on cave walls riddled the ancients.
Turn ya back to see the light of incandescent inclinations.
dymesecta all the way human cerebro can't trace him.
Gotta make it. Winning uphill races with untied shoes laces.
Go over or under the glacier walking the edge of the razor.
Contribute sacred posted paragraphs. Thinking beyond parallax.
35,000 ft. up premium pass. Playing geometry dash. - dymesecta

11. Peter Pan Buses | 12 Bar | October 06, 2017 5:14:04 PM

Trust it. Verses so sick leave'n wack emcees disgusted.
Elmer Funds with a musket. Bet he bust it.
Model match the year no more peter pan buses.
Persistent soul get lifted tears drops & buckets.
Ice grill that's never been melted so keep mugg'in.
Hollow ambitions for big budgets with extra duckets.
Swiss luggage. Loved in public. See him coming?
Fresh off a flight. Over night. Got it covered.
Arrange a taxi outer league don't act classy.
Wack emcees all end up in Fraggle Rocks trash heap.
Fresh thoughts on the spot not from last week.
Hallows eve dressed up like hancock trick or treat. - dymesecta

12. The Pencils Edge | 12 Bars | October 18, 2017 8:34:42 PM

Manipulating syllables in bold coming up with written gold.
Commentary uproar so much more than dried up ink pen flows.
Breathing slow calculated patience too encrypted to decode.
Breaking the mold. Flushing wack emcees down the commode.
No meds. Slightly out of this thread love to rap on the web.
Breaking bread whisking eggs it's past time to be fully fed.
Pseudo scholars stay one shave short from the pencils edge.
Get booted intruders maneuver still cant see over the hedge.
On beat with the steps never knowing what is coming up next.
Ten dimensions of reality thee eleventh hasn't been rhymed yet.
Thought patterns oil spills slipping through a pair of nets.
Care not to guess. Next trip on the bucket list Marrakesh. - dymesecta

13. Who Really Wins? | 12 Bars | October 19, 2017 6:24:00 PM

Ben Grim chasing the winds. Missing my friends. Who really wins?
Hello again dymesecta where ends & begins shattering trends.
For that extra floor space home gym. Go high brim it's really no problem.
God smacking goblins. Time to log in. Snatching weeds out the garden.
Contemporary out paces the modern. Spiritually motivated dead Darwin.
Deciphering bargains inside and out the margins politicking with bloggers.
Never trust a shifty barber. Shell fishing at the harbor. Hope to see august.
Getting busy regardless. Whoever does it the largest gets treated asa novice.
Phases of life. Where did time go breezes at night. Mind blowing insight.
Given a reason to fight. Think it and type. Crock pot lid all the hype.
Keystlelism purpose driven. Who next in it? Cypher back & forth text tennis.
Strictly authentic. Keep it all business. Press hot linens on a strong raw finish. - dymesecta

14. Economic Death Grips | 16 Bars | October 02, 2017 4:26:30 PM

Epitomize what's next kid. The 1% is getting desperate.
Majority of modern society caught in economic death grips.
Bloodshed in France and Vegas but it's normal at home.
Protect ya dome it'll be okay find out you're all on your own.
Supply the glue when a broken life tries to seduce.
The liar backfired no use can't automatize the truth.
From a long line of people who fought they way out the noose.
Break loose. Trapped in a pressure cooker staying cool.
Where are my manners... Forgot to ask How are you?
Hardheaded dymesecta stampeding bison on the move.
More serious than comical. No breaks downhill black diamond luge.
Do what it do write rhymes in pairs of two. Took time to getta clue.
Who playing? Only options. Win and Lose. Plenty fail to chose.
Wack emcees in my presence pray for ruby red shoes.
Traveling to Wichita tryna weave and bob wont get em far.
Complete thoughts dropping lines sharp cut with a circular saw.- dymesecta

15. Fresco Cappuccino Cream | 16 Bars | October 06, 2017 3:57:17 PM

Super clean. Don't make a scene. Balancing the beam.
Posted saw it in a scheme. Now add it on to the theme.
Perfect time to fly through sky spread those wings.
Cotton candy machine wack emcees are no big thing.
Focusing the gateway to the sacred land is opening.
So obscene what is seen really not what it seems.
Sleep don't silence gunfire nor banshee like screams.
Spend an entire lifetime to find out what it means.
Fat daddy baggy jeans big boy boiling baked beans.
Unimpressed with faking. Gristle for the breaking.
Two thousand late teen hundreds burn blue not green.
Lay up with a Brown Queen and discuss our dreams.
History taking its time in the making. No debate team.
Strategize now |R.I.P STRATA G| Time is not waiting. - dymesecta

16. Squid Ink From Ursula | 16 Bars | October 09, 2017 8:46:11 PM

Full stride energy burst breaks the momentum of inertia.
Have Ariel off the fin love notes squid ink from Ursula.
Some claim life's a pit who refused to nurse her pups.
Some see it differently and simply can't get enough.
Heart beating blood pumping feeling the sagacious rush.
Every day is a dose of reality bubbles are made to bust.
Delicate and fragile. Artificial is never better than natural.
Grab at the coat. Alkaline gut with a hazardous flow.
High performance action. So much love we forget time is happening.
Wack emcees are paper thin napkins predisposed for yapping.
At the sky lounge. Don't even dap em proceeding to lap em.
Chemistry with flight attendant momentary mutual attraction.
Don't have read Augustine to know passion and patience.
Distractions break dates to catch mid thigh relaxation.
Dug a stake in. At the top adjacent. Brand new no trade in.
dymesecta can't be played close. Too much lateral spacing. - dymesecta

17. Ghouls And Ghost | 16 Bars | October 11, 2017 10:51:43 PM

Mouth washing with soap dropping digital hope.
dymesecta sardonic smile for the ghouls & ghosts.
Wack emcees doing the most to be in the know.
Terminally ill no use tryna exchange the results.
Pseudo youtube scholars finding new ways to cope.
Faux wood no good unless it is cedar or oak.
Speed up out in Bora Bora feet up on boat.
Lovey say have a super day she already know.
Not Super Dave getting stupid paid keystyling smoke.
Bust dope moves on a back block Chuckie had to go.
Unappreciated the uninitiated thinking out of scope.
More flows than currents off the West African coast.
Hot Masala Chai breakfast blend fresh on roast.
Hear a magma beat come up with a verse on the go.
Life can be so cold wont even leave a note.
Rougher than the capes horn eye of the storm stay a float! - dymesecta

18. Odds & Evens | 12 Bars | October 12, 2017 5:09:14 PM

Never egregious. Characters underground act so prestigious.
Flipping the sequence. Facetious wack emcees need Jesus.
Jump into cold dark water hunting for thirsty leeches.
Two good pair of gills replaced with earlobed features.
Water walker not a vegan. Peter Parker for the evening.
Swinging through meetings just for few then we leaving.
Wack emcees claim dope. dymesecta don't believe them.
Live allegiance. 12 bar verse follow these odds & evens.
So underground we knee high in. Somebody call Dr. Ben.
To extract these sick documents. Went deep got the bends.
Return to the surface HTML5 wont sign my name in cursive.
Don't like it. You care. Rare form Dopeness on purpose. - dymesecta

19. Significant Plot Twists | 12 Bars | October 13, 2017 4:58:26 PM

What dymesecta told ya? Never feed live flesh to a vulture.
In a hyper cube breathing sulfur building up a sculpture.
Time to go hunting. Wack emcee acting like they know something.
Snotty nose running. In the spaghetti mix with a lot of onion.
Different type of sickness. So cunning. No cold coming.
Chilling and numbing. Don't plummet. Take it to the summit.
Wack emcees blow opportunities. No one gave em a trumpet.
Judges score a 6 on the dive & flip let em jump ship.
Go overboard. Irregular folklore. Significant plot twists.
Shadows and mist. Gradual shifts of good ole casual bliss.
This is not hit or miss. Take a risk. Wont end up inna ditch.
Antarctic ice grip tight get right or be the first to slip. - dymesecta

20. Truth Doesn't Hide | 16 Bars | October 18, 2017 4:16:38 AM

Acting dumb fly. Clouds kiss the sky. Give it a try.
Madam Frost said take that long walk before we die.
Limbs fall where they may. No love for any wicked sage.
Rhyme session fluent progressions. Thoughts on display.
Never lost in the maze. dymesecta's where lava is made.
Unfazed. Fully engaged getting wack emcee enraged.
Now is the time to save a life and bathe in light.
Snakes slither at night with big plans to take a bite.
Snatching fangs. Get taken out the frame for running game.
Systems theory deciphering variables before they change.
Faster than adding transactions to Nakamotos block chain.
High octane. All out of right mind. Borderline not plain.
Make way then. Balance the scales. No matter who weigh in.
dymesecta's dialectic debris manifests digital dope mayhem. - dymesecta

21. Keystyle'n Mona Lisas | 12 Bars | October 20, 2017 5:18:42 PM

No coming near me. Wack emcees feeling eerier. Fuel for the fury.
Justice is blind. Still see a jury. Problematic times. It's getting sneery.
Hear ye hear ye. Verses clearly. Wack emcees never have cheerleaders.
No oil on the feathers at the bird feeder. Writing for thorough readers.
Ancient features. Constructing planter boxes out of Lebanese cedars.
Melchizedek work and perfect until life lease up. Keystyling mona lisas.
The sharpest axe in the tree trunk. Turning wack emcees into stumps.
Chop em down less than a month. Generously giving out goose bumps.
12 Bar verses heavier than two tons. Light on the forum a brand new sun.
Far from the norm. Racism is dumb. Stand up for justice now or start to run.
No rules off the square. Foul play is fair. Digital breadcrumbs let everywhere.
They wouldn't dare prepare wack emcee are well aware none will be spared. - dymesecta

22. Fixing Glass Jaws | 16 Bars | October 29, 2017 10:08:34 AM

Halloween mask off carve sutures for scars. Fixing glass jaws.
Melancholy skies. Improvise on the fly. Go far & do it large.
Experiences some can only imagine. Decorators sampling fabrics.
Specialized appetite cruciferous vegetables cabbage & radish.
Air mile silver status. Flight to L.A.X layover in Dallas.
Green check valid. Eating off goldware in Rambagh Palace.
Hemoglobin in gallons. dymesecta more flow than vena digitalis.
Structural prowess. Organized thoughts more bold than italic.
Melt wack emcees into butter dipping sauce. Then triple charge.
No such thing as getting lost. This old universe is truly ours.
Moving on. Through the storms. Simple forms for the newly informed.
Cool & calm to exist in the land of the living is really a charm.
King David Psalms and Solomon songs sacred science from beyond.
Therapeutic oils and balms. dymesecta don't need a magic wand.
Nor hallucinogens. Tight rope. Type flows. No making amends.
Wack emcees wont survive the blow back draft Cyclone nuclear winds. - dymesecta

23. The Fast Draw | 32 Bars | October 29, 2017 11:38:35 PM

Don't forget the hacksaws.
Cut the cast off for the fast draw.
Half as smart. Wack emcees
easier to read than flash cards.
Going double eagle more
cut up than coleslaw. Slow pause.
Been a super night so far.
Wack emcees dramatic soap stars.
Getting clearly pissed off.
Hierarchy reboot uninstalled.
Unsolved. Skimming over weak
lines & missed calls.
Right on target. Wack emcees
miss the mark at the market.
Close eye lids thoughts
drift through perceived darkness.
Brand new apartments. Awesome
amenities and move in offers.
Hitting the fitness center
for burst training & jogging.
Higher stakes. Door bell at
estates resemble a lions face.
Motorized drapes. Eating
seeded grapes. Can you relate?
Get it now or get it late.
Worth the while and the wait.
Sharper than hockey skates.
Big plans to over populate.
Foundation gates wanna inoculate.
Bottom lines and profits made.
Not today. Attention seeking
wack emcee wont be saved. - dymesecta

24. Get The Urge | 16 Bars | October 31, 2017 9:44:54 PM

Revenge of the herbs in one big herd don't get the urge.
Boots with spurs digging in striking more than one nerve.
Too deep submerge. Squared one triangle over of a third.
In a swift blur. See around corners before they occur.
Reading dymesecta's thoughts gets wack emcees disturbed.
Leave to observe. Show up late. Eight seats are reserved.
Get what they deserve. Kicking wack emcees to the curb.
Highly preferred. Word for word. Faster than mockingbirds.
On the sunny side. Mummies try to no use to wake up alive.
The human element is evident. It wont hide or be denied.
Study the wise. Learned over time how to choose & decide.
Fluid rhymes. Not swimming in the lane way to ruined lives.
Mental capacity simply oversized. Crane kicking Cobra Kais.
Golden eye. Stratagize with interfaces that are optimized.
Strengthen digital ties. Figure the vibe all the way live.
Truth collides to stop a lie. No need to philosophize. - dymesecta

25. Lava Lakes | 16 Bars | November 03, 2017

Keep'n it Underground dymesecta lounge'n by lava lakes.
Cut hydraulic breaks. Downhill wack emcees don't wanna race.
Unmoved by trivial debates. Modest signature lower case.
Positive mental space. Show'n love to uplift and motivate.
Go head emulate. In this place on earth what can we make?
Working with borrowed time losing more by the day.
Keystyle so hot when read they steam away water weight.
Pressure bursting boiler plates at rapid metabolic rates.
Wack emcees are cheapskates. Worth less than click bait.
They weren't even nice back then when Micheal Vick played.
Turn keys then the page. Getting busy in the modern age.
Hip Hop isn't phase. More like a maze trail ways abrade.
dymesecta's unswayed. Wack emcees are low grade marmalade.
Palaces carved inside caves. Well put together Feng Shui.
Each thought connects. Live in the flesh. Good as it gets.
Wack emcees catch wreck come correct or get circumflexed. - dymesecta

26. Targets Esoteric Garbage | 16 Bars | November 05, 2017 1:03:24 AM

Irregardless written word targets esoteric garbage.
dymesecta sustains varnished light can not be tarnished.
Keystyled visual sonnets picked up on mobile electronics.
Recall now upon it my uncle had more gold rings than sonic.
Introduced influence adding to it in harmonic congruence.
Distinctively fluent. Radiator over heating no coolant.
Life long student. Making improvements not for amusement.
Executing jurisprudence. Wack emcees are air pollutants.
dymesecta don't confuse him. Make a fortune out of two cents.
So much love not destitution. Flow aqueous solution.
In the land of the living maneuvering confidently exuberant.
Only a few of them are making preparations for the Eucharist.
Fragmented. Times are unstable approach'n the last minuets?
Gimmicks witness first hand entire belief systems diminish.
Game night right on time. Juice whole lemons with the rind.
descarte was wrong tryna separate the body from the mind. - dymesecta

27. Without A Parachute | 16 Bars | November 21, 2017 12:50:53 PM

Nincompoops Jumping outta planes without a parachute.
Try to regroup. Get the boot. They never made the scoop.
War whoops behind enemy lines point aim & shoot.
Wack emcees in their shell means green turtle soup.
Served in a paper cup. Enough. Destined to be crushed.
Don't try us. Wack emcees are softer than moist pie crust.
Klutz in a rush. Stuck left in the dust. Cant do it deluxe.
So what triple cuts disrupt, will this world drive us nuts?
Think you got it tough? Granddad died driving a full bus.
Never met him. Everybody lived but him and that's rough.
Before ever thinking of trying dymesecta better be neo.
Lose screws to Magneto. Hurricane force winds a gazebo.
In too deep mode get ripped faster than smoking three stoges.
Never opening the door for strangers watching the peep hole.
Hotter than Tennessee coal. Wack emcees colder than ski poles.
Burning supreme soul. Fresher than a week old. In a unique role. - dymesecta

28. They Will Manage | 16 Bars | November 26, 2017 11:12:44 PM

Extra dynamic. Leaving wack emcees stranded. Who will manage.
Make them all vanish. Looking from a diffrent point of vantage.
Access granted. Better plan it. Get planted. Action commanded.
Under pressure don't panic. On planet earth living the nirvanic.
Oxidized opianic. More technical than extended mind mechanics.
Super organic. Flow oceanic. Each line strategically outlandish.
Persistent burning desire. Soar higher. In the line of spitfire.
Underground occupier. Get ate up by a ten headed staffordshire.
Staying up late watching Longmire. Amplifier. Skip the satire.
Homebuyer. Lovey asking is there space for a designer blowdryer.
One bathroom with two sinks. American mink. What do you think?
Salmon pink. No need to write in ink between the missing links. - dymesecta

29. Was It Unexpected | 16 Bars | December 04, 2017 7:04:55 PM

Firmly present. In the land of the living learning lessons.
You guessed it. Mind to the skies not looking for a message.
Drove past a funeral today. Random thought was it unexpected.
Loved ones clearly affected. Most of been highly respected.
Soul ejected. Buried alone at that moment felt hyper-connected.
Majestic methods. Celebrations of a full life festive & hectic.
Walking through space and time trying hard not to address it.
The grave is obsessive. Calling all carbon based contestants.
Hickory doc. Does time stop with the drop of another cedar box.
Over watch thinking why not. Bellows of why them stomach knots.
What do you tell them? Hard headed juggernauts without helmets.
Wonder where the trail went. Never following the rail fence.
Banish anxiety then laugh at suspense. Hot lit frankincense.
Future tense. Who told you life is not about making sense?
Circumstantial coincidence gracious attempts gone in a glimpse.
Show a lot of love or couldn't careless that is the only defense. - dymesecta

30. Pull It Together | 16 Bars | December 06, 2017 4:10:44 PM

So... whatever! Hang in there. Be glad because it gets better.
Untethered. Run out a whole lifespan to pull it together.
Serious question would a wolf prefer the sheep or the shepherd.
Think in the now daily the future self is to be treasured.
The youth are learn'n fast the hard way with out a doubt.
With a lot of mouth. Deep pains that can burn adults out.
It can be so sad. See live reflections of your own past.
Try to relate & at the same time know when to hold back.
Plugged ears. Make it clear. Just don't wanna hear. Listen.
Obviously something is missing. Bio head strong ambitions.
Ebullition off the top precognition. In a digital dimension.
Manageable conditions. Position beyond esoteric superstition.
Tangible. Crack'n cantaloupes to study neuro transmissions.
Vivid premonitions. Shared with the world. We call it vision.
Operating under different provisions. Rework final editions.
Some say misery loves company. Then euphoria loves omission. - dymesecta

31. Knock'n Down Pedestals | 16 Bars | December 08, 2017 6:29:04 PM

Understanding why is a treasure trove. Knock'n down pedestals.
Verses hexadecimal. Water & raw vegetables. Cleanse and grow.
Auntie died drinking Coca-Cola's. Giving the FDA the cold shoulders.
The pain smolders. Chain smoker. Obviously we're getting older.
Learn there is no such thing as getting over. Out of composure.
Walking lines sliced thinner than cold cuts. What they told us.
Think life is a game now find out when you grow up. Don't go nuts.
Yell in my face all you want it's still so what. Look but don't touch.
Who knew life could hurt so much? Feel it once cant leave the rush.
Brush away the rust. Early dusk. Winters here time to layer up.
Fully in until the nervous systems had enough. Why they mad at us?
Comfortable being uncomfortable sometimes you have to adjust.
Making moves while the earth spins at a rate we cant calculate.
By the lake listen'n to the sounds that the fountain makes.
Sour grapes. Outtakes and mistakes. How much wind can you chase?
Caught in the race. We late. Capital I theory it is really high stakes. - dymesecta

32. Cheap Beach Chairs | 16 Bars | December 14, 2017 5:16:24 PM

Have a look. 90 degree rook. By the spirit. Nothing by the book.
Prepare meals by the week so we don't overcook. What it took?
To be here. Existed since the very beginning. Tell us. We care.
No leap years. Wack emcees mouth say anything. Let us be clear.
Put the pressure on em they fold faster than cheap beach chairs.
Momma taught me the Lord's Prayer and nothing is fair. Well aware.
Throw on your trainers. You tortoise and hares. Moment for air.
Chasing the glare no where. Caught in the solar wind cross hair.
In the hot seat. Data entry heat. Smoked mesquite over a heartbeat.
Threw a hole in the story so thoughts flow out a of dumb leak.
Love to see the come hate to see them go life is bittersweet.
Dug'n cleats. Staying positive through the valleys and the peaks.
It can get deep. Dive in it. Home run or strike out in 9 innings.
Define winning. Help yourself. One right decision every 5 minutes.
Embed aspect of reality inside a sentence. Lay overs in Venice.
Love 19 hour trips serviced by Tahitian lovey flight attendants. - dymesecta

33. Flames Ankle Deep | 16 Bars | December 29, 2017 7:22:34 PM

Trying to find peace. Ugly problems. Beautiful gates in reach.
No excuses relief. Rise up or stand in the flames ankle deep.
Five minute steep. Wake up. Fresh cup. Let the Marco Polo roast.
Rainy overcoats. At the stone of Golgotha spoke to the holy ghost.
How the story go. Expecting more. Best of four. Only proper wagers.
Brine bag lock'n flavor. Wack emcees wordplay isn't hot potatoes.
Learn to take mess until you got the say-so. Access deny lames.
Look'n for change. Hard to kick. Spike to the bone thigh pains.
No care to explain. So underground nick name archeological remains.
Finger nails filled with earth crust. Wack emcees get done up rough.
Off the cuff. Melt away the marsh mellow fluff. Don't know much?
Learn soon enough. In the land of the living like it is only us.
Nothing real is superfluous. Similar to when hydrogen combusts.
Over whys and what's. Don't let this world ride drive you nuts.
Show love that's a plus. Behind a wolf pack rush commanding mush!
Don't do it at all dummy if you are not willing to do it deluxe. - dymesecta

Solutions Are Waiting | 16 Bars | January 07, 2018 1:34:52 PM | ???Missing??? - dymesecta

Off The Vine | 16 Bars | January 19, 2018 4:22:56 PM | ???Missing??? - dymesecta

34. Thorns On Cati | 16 Bars | February 28, 2018 1:04:48 AM

dymesecta got more rhymes than thorns on cacti.
Digital emcees couldn't care less about flat tires.
Plans backfire. Regroup to recoup. New sapphires.
Penguin dive into rough tides. Just to survive.
Non stop. Waves crashing into volcanic rock.
One obstacle of many. On the way home to the top.
It's an very old plot. Spending more time than we got.
Out the solar field. From the beautiful city what the deal.
Securities Tokens. Show'n love not here for self promotion.
Eating lunch. View at the lake looks like the ocean.
Sharing content across platforms breaking the laws of motion.
Feeling ambrosian. We can heal selves kids say no to ibuprofen.
Now is the time to go in. Sat with some poets heard some poems.
Constructing a foundation showing love no typical romance.
At first glance see the floor plans. Securities in advance.
Mitigating circumstance. Hate in the heart never stands a chance. - dymesecta

35. Whatever It Takes | 16 Bars | March 15, 2018 8:08:55 PM

Come up with conversation on a rainy or a sunny day.
Multiple 19 hours flights never got a stomach ache.
Share a lot of love and information whatever it takes.
Another lovely opportunity to grow and increase along the way.
Catching drops no water a billion people dying from thirst.
Building progress out the dirt. Diving of the cliff face first.
Why would you wanna do that? Tell me why wouldn't you?
Possibly too cynical. Meanwhile knock out the park a 6 or two.
Get out of any jam or jar. Smart as a giant squid.
Thinking about how far we are. Still gotta dream big.
It would be foolish to declare that we are there.
Here for a small fraction in time in the modern era.
Is it alive? Just scratching the surface sophia A.I
Quantum computing will decode cryptography on the fly.
Autonomous actors debugging fried secured drives.
Analyze the tides. Hyper ledgers decentralized & privatized. - dymesecta

36. Thoughts In Bold | 16 Bars | March 31, 2018 2:51:39 PM

Writing rhymes encrypting codes since 12 years old.
Debugging the script. Displaying thoughts in bold.
Walking underneath ladders. Mining deeper dark matter.
Mirror theory broken glass shards never match up.
Making the best out of what is left. Pacing each step.
Knowing the terrain is rigged. Dream big live in the flesh.
Map it out or give it a rest. Fluid thoughts connect isohyets.
dymesecta in his right mind never possessed.
Wack emcees neural plasticity pliable as string cheese.
Flip em all off a flying trapeze.
Shattered screen. Joseph fury could see this crystal clearly.
In the land of the living breaking gravity cavalierly
Swimming in deep water. Wasn't born with gills.
Hodl it yo to have more portfolios making mills.
It takes compassion to show love and get out of the hills.
Chasing ideals. Mathematicians know formulas cant feel. - dymesecta

37. World Dictionaries Gutted | 16 Bars | April 09, 2018 7:21:41 PM

Flows flooded. Riverbed smooth edges from rugged.
Rhyme'n vocab to leave world dictionaries gutted.
Dream'n large over just another drop in the bucket.
Peep distinctions between houdini & who done it.
Acres of diamond. Finding white sands. Get the nuggets.
Rudraksha never had tucked it. Unstringing puppets.
Up to something. Out the oven. Melting ghee on muffins.
Sounding trumpets. Comeuppance. More than two tuppence.
Navigating the whole circumference. With a gold compass.
Out the mud with the grubs and the sporophore fungus.
Bypass conundrums. Flying back and forth to Dublin.
Soup bowl full at a day party brunch luncheon.
Feeling grateful for full body function. Heart pumping.
Off the edge. Over the ledge of the railway junctions.
Reading Kirchhoff & Bunsen. Watch'n for the huntsman.
Disbelieving lies by the day. Making less assumptions. - dymesecta

38. Kindness To Clerk's | 16 Bars | April 27, 2018 4:00:43 PM

Thrive'n the city know'n demons lurk.
First things first. Show'n kindness to clerks.
On the far side of the earth. Both hand deep in the dirt.
Magnetic megahertz. Each verse spiritual rebirth.
Societies are stratified. Can't decrypt what is classified.
Greatness magnified is meaningless. Even Diana died.
Bodies vandalized. Monosaccharide can't be hydrolyzed.
dymesecta amplified we can collaborate or collide.
Glide'n dragonfly over those minds who misapply.
Rhyme patterns natural not synthesized never miss'n a stride.
Witches can't see dyme with ossified bird eyes.
Think'n it's water drink'n flood tides of fluoride.
Learned how to grow collard greens in the sunshine.
Every day every second life on the line on cloud nine.
Eat'n lobster claw under jade vines. From time to time.
Burn'n mountain bridges all for the love of the climb. - dymesecta

39. Build And Create | 16 Bars | May 04, 2018 8:22:38 PM

Directory root words onna page. Plant'n fresh sage.
Minimal delays. Find'n a way take forever & a day.
Read'n James Baldwin downtown Des Moines in early may.
So underground dig from the surface find dyme with clay.
Extra support system. Perfect time to get the cake.
True stories to be told so bold only face to face.
Snotty ingrates hedge'n our breath'n space just in case.
Find'n happiness to retrace memories let em escape.
T.C not Merleau-Ponty said go build & create.
Stakes are high. Time flies in the blink of an eye.
Cant see spheres in space. Stare up at mackerel skies.
Frontal lobes double sized. Know'n hubble images lie.
Only trust'n the wise. Take'n breaths between the lines.
Theorize'n rhymes. Strategically get out of any bind.
Beat'n the odds. Positive vibes. Show'n love worldwide.
Not puppet 9. It's dyme. The number 10 is hard to define. - dymesecta

40. Tanzanian Turf Roof | 16 Bars | May 18, 2018 5:06:24 PM

Lions on the savannah get'n spurs in the theatre of the absurd |
Love is preferred. Put'n words together in golden ratio curves.
Resources accumulated then conserved preparations for the purge |
Copper coil power'd cellular towers aim'n directly ready to surge.
Practice'n patience as a virtue on a Tanzanian turf roof |
Birth route through a 20th century astute carbon earth suit.
Granny's soup get'n stirred her grandson sleep'n on the curb |
Is there really such a thing as anybody get'n what they deserve?
2 below 12 on Beauforts scales breeze'n by watch'n the whales |
Mindful of momentary embodied detail grateful to inhale.
Rhythmically run'n with Clydesdales never studied at yale |
Concrete knowledge prevails way beyond the Santa Fe trail.
Scientific proof cubed roots fail to measure absolutes |
Found a friend chasing after the wind chimes eloquent truth.
At the neighborhood stoop late night toss'n alley-oops |
Recall'n the innocence of youth all the way up in the loop. - dymesecta

41. Overexposure To Epinephrine | 16 Bars | June 06, 2018 6:17:35 PM

Putting ideas in motion so they interconnect.
Capillary effects rise'n up getaway as far west.
Confess off top adept our dear genre is possessed.
Written depth of the oldest ways to reflect.
At the end of the road read'n retrospect quiet as kept.
Self love and respect at odds with willful neglect.
dialectic debris no special effects to be seen.
Hands steam clean seeds get planted string beans.
Provide for the community positivity between extremes.
Dreams crushed to smithereens on von neumann machines.
Have'n things since a teen overexposure to epinephrine.
Daily routine no gas mask on all in the smokescreen.
Wonder how it done cruciferous vegetables heal lungs.
Once in generation only few chose to speedster run.
Young and numb late night chat'n with lady spun.
Fathers favorite son began one unit after kingdom come.- dymesecta

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posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018 6:03:24 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Really? I read 2 or 3 or one line?

So hmmm your hotter than a door handle I hear. Congrats on that.

You're kinda like rocket racoon

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Dyme Secta

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agent7D6 | Thanks for share'n.

Thanks Shape

- dymesecta

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#26 is pure fire in my opinion.
Dialectic Debris is one of my all time favorite things.

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Good looking out raw Peace In.

- dymesecta

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