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Mercy Kill
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AuthorTopic:  Mercy Kill

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Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, January 19, 2019 3:15:25 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Deer gurl Joel,

Ran through
stomped tro0

We release 2 catch
We catch to release....

Hide in black magik/
deny snappin when you're snappin/
your choice been black magik/
your integrity never happened/
I'm truly fair and that's rare/
you got skills but no blessin/
you can't break my wraps ever/
too late for your bitch confessions/
I dig the ditch that u dead in/
ya zombie body loud protestin/
hog tied pawn of false pride/
under dirt no breath bliss/
turned your back to your soul/
as you turn beneath clay soil/
back to the shelves of hell's hells/
turmoil spoiled a fake royal/
baptized you once in waters/
that did not mix with your oil/
Bastard slick prick ripped/
it's a sinch to pinch girls/
thanks for the lower loa/
u dumb slut ethiopian boa/
dust coughs up yah delusion/
yuz putrid useless evil witness/
read your review of my album again/
all the people you've crossed/
they will rise you will not/
wrong is wrong lost is lost/
my brother's fake nice tried/
to put out my lights/
I put that faggot in a box/
like isis a U.S. plot/
wut is IS and what'$ knot is NOT/

Yor Zeus the Gawd? Nah
you eat poop yora slob
u shoot wen ya Rong
you evol an doin jobzzz

I rule the realm
consciousness shall prevail

U lack power in hacked Howards
you duck fat dem goons devour
acid rain shower u grow balder
keyp lieing
Key death to your lion, moron
with no grounds to bother me
u still an epic nusence
I study you and yor stewpid
a legion falls to d3ath with u
a legion of rotten poon
fucked for what always lose
Lgbt accepts ya surrender
Im not with them or you
Im from another place
came to trace to who confuse
confused prunes actin wet
I bust codes attract YOUR d3ath
your death for you
a debt to StEv3N
see when I take ya last demon
an dem bow to when we sand
I command damage on guilty men
.........and women
not much money in this
my whole ei coronation
preservation of ancient basements
where Kings and Queens make kids
you an informent
who twists the true information
you broke yaself degeneration
We sent in the agent
to wage a burial
your burial in your face bitch
Fucking pussy
Backstabbing ruck rookie
fuck Pac an Akil the Femcee
neither ever could really wrap
Reggie aint even Nobull enough
to stand next to StEv3|Ev3tZ
governments destroyed/
Power siempre rep 4 PEACE/
Efficient systems overcame/
of honest benevolent noble chi/
"Joel" not welcomed in we/
whatever ya name whoever u be/
ya expendable tongue is cheap/
u spent years to blockade mei/
I just got stronger/
Flooby yibby Crispex snowmobile

Act like you do NOT cower, u do.
Act like u not a WACKED brother, yar.

I been abandoned too
I been the outcast forever
you should be glad my parents help me survive and make my hell easier to bare. Plugs pulled when I'm gone, if there is no other Tron.

Nobody else has it. I got it, grew it, spread it, no pay, late medic, late cursed nurses,

Im a dirty foul fucking mega freak, yep.....but I D3STROYED your "destroyer".

You the void goy
u make the goy goyer
I teach stranger's children to pet beez
I teach to create peace
my imperfection has direction
admission, confession, redemption
blessing, regeneration,
full foundation still collectin ancients...

Tyler the Creator has no power, no future, no money, deceiver team dummy, lef bloody, investigators study as crumbs bleed. Fucking idiot lucy chumps projecting dem faggotry. Evol stomped maggot faggots MURDERED. If you PEACE THOUGH I dont give a fuck wutchu do in ya private quarters.

We hold the borders
Tradition stands
far as roles and gender
we GUN try to be nice
push too hard and you die
ask for more than is yours
burn in your lost eye
Alpha Kings Malcolm tings
ya skin color dont matter to us
its bout wisdom vision
true love and trust
all we children we fight 4 yuz
F4ther an Goddesses raise we UPzZ

Ya rebuttal's blocked
asterix sphere protects *Kai
espirito due to do wut I say
2 reinforce wut ion EY3 state
power pulled from your grace
scraps left...
To apply your cries
to open humiliation
Regeneration, maybe
I got lifetimes of work ahead
my next body bein prepped
Steven Christian Smith is that rep
who bitch slapped d3ath like,
"death, I AM your D3ATH"
an u too stuck to know wut?
^THATzZ fresh. Yes.

If you ever get close yul be disarmed. Arm arm leg leg head. I'll use you IF you are useful.

You chose to abuse me when I chose to slap you five. Im the Alpha. You are a bitch. My oldest brother also makes A LOT more money than me. I'm still the Alpha. Wuts money have to do with ACTUAL power???? NOTHING.

Actual power can NOT be bought if HONOR is not passing the check. Basic.

Fucking assholes ACTING advanced and smart while demons puppeteer dem unconscious and use dem for evol to destroy GoOD love. "God" allows this until HE does NOT.

God and Goddess return to earth

Have fun tryna use puppets and hiding all the evidence to your character

Now, why is this enstated law?

Because it IS.

Because I'm fucking right.

I did nothing wrong. You hit me for no reason. Im larger and more dangerous. I hit you back. You lose. U wer scared to death when I started to TYPE a glimpse of what I CAN do to you. I stirred up shit that obeys ME. IT does not recognize YOU in my chair.

Do wrong and doubt it
Go hog wild
LAUGH about it
North to South
Dem an WE know
You knocked the fuck owt
my throwaway verse
put the flat earth in the dirt
only reason an hue man survives
is out of the knowing
of the love I have birthed
my reverse is true forward
the world's forward is backward
Spade jacks can't hack
I just live humble and relax
sex and social stature
is overrated by Lucy actors
I always just wanted to be a GoOD person

Smarter, not religious
a seeker of the occult found
Sound sound
walk the talk
dem test fell down

Immature birds tink we boring
when we sit calm and still
ya dunno we universe touring
yor blood we pouring
gorgeous goring kill the pork King
Hog heaven aint Cielo
my Queen is wise and grateful
no eyes of snake low
unless we must take the snake's home

We become thee
we watch you, judging

Gun in ya hand, shaky

Nobody will take Steve from we

Into Lucy land fuh repo
D hoes slayed mor equals
peace an sequels
seek walls and breech woes

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Total Posts: 483
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, January 19, 2019 3:16:30 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Partial IP: 224.194.89

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