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Codes Of Conan Doyle Agent7d6 Diss - 27 Bars
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AuthorTopic:  Codes Of Conan Doyle Agent7d6 Diss - 27 Bars
Rareform Dopeness

Total Posts: 355
Member Since: 2018
Location: Garden Rap Tunes
posted Tuesday, January 22, 2019 3:22:37 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Rareform Dopeness   Click Here to Email Rareform Dopeness
Since holmes wanted to set it off wrote this to bagpipes from baghdad peace in check it...

E for effort found the tree,
St3v3 bark now a dead trunk.
Short sight got em hype,
Fool consider the long run.
Type'n at rare reckless dawg,
Must want his jaw stunned.
Take the plunge grimy sponge,
Imbecile scum civilly summed.
Ya scripts read so rushed,
Ours scroll a certified tongue.
Crush'n wit metric tons,
what have ya become agent no.1?
understand chump,
If u wasn't bald u'd have a man bun.
Trust ya steelo is trash,
Saw it live on Sanford & Son.
Make ya whole form teleport,
Diss u grab'n ya chest cry'n Eleanor.
You can do better boy.
Got cut up put'n ya dome piece,
too close to the propeller noise.
Metaphors blaze'n metal coils.
Cracked kettles never boil.
They play cool as night soil,
Splash'n St3bEN with holy oil.
Fire to the foil mysteries of toil.
Crack'n the codes of Conan Doyle.

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Total Posts: 457
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Tuesday, January 22, 2019 6:48:13 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Whose Conan Doyle? u fucking moron lol

Yo your my pretty pony is turquoise
u pebble on your friends rented mic
som chickenhead bird noise
yer turd voice is holmesing again HOLMES...LOL
i cald yew holmes an it really hurted yer feelins...
Holmes holmes holmes yer stiff as a rat bone
Lab grown asshole intence dork
U get bent more with ten forks
ya head a rental by Dexter
u flex like a paraplegic hannibal lectar
I rhyme betterer
Fuck rap...find me...
yora rump roast punk ghost
u got none an shunned
Yew a stumped fucked throat
you kiss ass like yul get passed nope
cuts shut your cunt poems
u jus keep runnin tuh git dumpd low
u wan grabby grab info
your torn gord soar BRO
u acted polite I fourgave ya strikes
Im nice until eyem noice
but now u mamed unsafe nights
gaze frights even Litney said Im Nete
u obsolete Im on ya mommuz peach
book worm rook germ
yer a shook sperm burnt delete
I got zero reasons to pay respect
you an ungrateful wretch
fake dull guest
racist asshole pest
Buckshot Cobain ya face off
Bark buck hog fake dog
you display WRONG while ya play God
every hater here
had me dialate dem fuh years
b-boy radiate divinity
While u disgraceful parallel pigeons
try to siphon a fueled mystic
come visit the fist bitch
ya styles a nook book
u author prick toothpick dick shit
when you finally stfu
your adds were entertainment
Oh its u in my shadow
you the racist framing my shadow
Liotta Mpc fat pig is less wack than you
Break ya jaw off slap you with it
Hachoo bless me again u bitches
is a motherfucking miracle
when any "rapper" can rep consciousness

I vomit monsters
just to spar and rip
ya feathers tarred n shit
I let none ya disrespect
help you get larger bitch
who the fuck in charge of THIS?
You been lame so its end game
u the archer slane
by a harder smith

Ya chi credit DOWN
Peekaboo u Pikachu bitch
reeps at you sick
creep u been the slapped bitch
on my public DICK script
like u a librarian snitch
Too high mos high
render minds to nevermind
you slip an fade
I say FUCK YOU to my valentine
She the sour eye that power spies

Im Hellboy. Your the white kid I throw rocks at.

Wut propeller noise?

Are you an air conditioning unit now?

Yer flow is a bug

I drankedid Raid and spit it inyer face


Im dead, yes. Wtf does that have to do with YOU? Yora punching bag. You prolly another God DAMN idiot cop

You keep referencing periods of time Ive been on this board and not as if my life recognizes your typed "disses" as something I don't forget. I forget. I log effects and kick doors down.

I've capped thousands of people who start SHIT and say nothing but ASS. There is a real ancient power structure. I happen to be part of it. You are racist. Im not. I might as well be speaking Chinese. The live effects will tie you up. The message seems too simple and not deep for yor fake fuck impaired squalor shit wallet sithe dollar bitch college clit wack ass scholarship

Tarnished permanently
bad touches burn
my harvest stock steady
Universal infantry
you not even an infant tree
feel the infinite decrease
tap you to deeper h3LL
erased ya spells and self
Have a Gucci shirt and fail

Partial IP: 224.194.89

rareform dopeness

Total Posts: 355
Member Since: 2018
Location: Garden Rap Tunes
posted Tuesday, January 22, 2019 8:14:50 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for rareform dopeness   Click Here to Email rareform dopeness
Okay... check it

It's easy to tell ya lack
discipline St3v can't prevail .
Gasoline draws on stuck
between paradise and hell .
Those rhymes you kick
came off softer than foxtails .
Old homie a phony jabroni
pinned up with hot nails .
Skin ya alive then hide
ya serpent eyes and scales .
St3Ve model'n for brands
work'n at bloomingdale's .

Fool did you just rap in
high heels lack'n passion .
Agents lose'n traction fast
as Arthur Ashe back spin .
In action incinerate ya
cabin fire breath'n dragon .
Frontal forum lobotomy
to see ya thoughts tap dance .
Ya rap curse ends here
with broken rings of saturn .
Cant cook right get'n
Tied up with apron strings .

rareform dopeness flow
fresh as colorado springs .
Clip ya dogmatic demon wings
like it aint a thing .
Audacity to call us a racist
funny how time swings .
Cant play us like an
instrument without incident .
Rareisvigilant St3V and
dopeness aren't equivalent .
Only one rareform
but St3v3 sees ten of them .

That steelo is bland spice
ya new name cinnamon .
Underground Stanleys
chant'n fi fi fi fi f... inish him .
Put the keyboard down
and go call ya next of kin .
Remove ya sardonic grin
two paths sink or swim .
Has been who lacks grit
shook to hit da fire'n pin .
huckleberry fin takeitondichin
Doyle's an old author .

Show you true reality
rhyme movement flying saucer .
Cruise altitudes fly mix'n
holland gin do'n it proper .
Dice St3Ve up with salsa
this fanboy is starstruck .
Mixed up like pico de
gallo on cinco de mayo .
Grilled skirt goat sides
St3v and his high hopes .
Holmes fix ya approach
scale'n divine slopes .

St3Ve a baby boomer late
to class copy'n rare notes .
Wild oats write witha
sickness ya cant diagnose .
Tactical agi fully coded
up with double quotes .
Look at all St3V3 wrote
this drag poses so grandiose .
Front'n fresh but hate
the soap this is his lethal dose .
Know'n you are what you
eat and you love artichoke .

Every time St3V3 post a
rhyme it's a practical joke .
Annex Stev3 from cali
invoke James Knox Polk .

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Total Posts: 457
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Wednesday, January 23, 2019 1:48:01 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Yor fulla shit

Partial IP: 224.194.89

rareform dopeness

Total Posts: 355
Member Since: 2018
Location: Garden Rap Tunes
posted Wednesday, January 23, 2019 8:31:45 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for rareform dopeness   Click Here to Email rareform dopeness
let you tell it

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