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Gift Certificate For A Hot Hoe
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AuthorTopic:  Gift Certificate For A Hot Hoe

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posted Wednesday, February 06, 2019 2:56:50 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
NameReplying To: Coolish Crap (UndergroundHipHop.com MC Board)posted 2/6/2019 2:43:33 AM ET

Dark spirits park near it, with no hearts to mark or steer bliss/
bloody massacres open aperatures, but few capture the fucking weirdness/
Matador to challenjors, spinal fluids kiss carpets/
licence to kill and armorments, some things worth accomplishin/
bats make annoying noises, circling my aura shifts/
the war is hid under boring shit, Like Spongebob cornering kids/
A natural spectacle, when I'm just letting go/
wealth pours from my soul, uncalled for disrespect goes to Sheol/
supernatural shields, get scarred crack then heal/
I unlocked a few locks, that nobody else could/
I can take it all back, my blood uplifts whats good/
the nature of the movement, is truly being ruthless/
knowing what to do with it, who deserves it and who hittin/
I dont protect evil, unless good can truly use it/
I do not believe in murder, I KNOW killing's harmonius music/
timeless bands command, cycles of the sands/
I'm not psycho I understand, cold contracts heat's expanse/
the nature of nature, to breakthrough in I Am/
taking life's throat and hand, let you choose your own direction/
my hand will lead to water, or crush throats no oxygen/
kill me I won't leave, got biz most can't approach/
I seek peace dem seek beast, yall all pay for both/
stop wronging individuals, who look simalar to actual culprits/
evil is all one fucking race, of idiot asshole's blind nusence/
I'm shy I lay back, when I charge you laid flat/
I give no fucks about rats, who can't see and break traps/
I never wanted to be Boss, it's not glorius pricing meat staring/
when you gotta dial old friends, from the pet cemetary/
the viciousness required, to be wished in on live wires/
is a river of spilled blood, where no informents survive fires/
if you know you're already dead, voices congregate in your head/
and the devil comes again, to employ or pay respects/
or challenge what you bless, with your time how will you spend?/
in the slime or shiny fresh, you may have a bitta time left/
if you read this rhyme, unless my binds already set/
and what's mine is quiet kept, wicked wills intertwined/
a balanced allignment, on assignment again/
it was for money and sex, and communities refreshed/
bagging bodies who not we, hoping hopefuls will be blessed/
scorching darlings, pitchforked retarded/
only so much love to spare, before meat's discarded/
found my throne early, where me an the arts met/
I past each arched vet, stackin presidents in apartments/
I love my stupid parents, even though they're in an oven/
only my son and I are safe, in a harem of gunships/
an animalistic junction, to rebirth the earth's functions/
I'm not full of shit, Im slim and drop often/
and might does make right, when in defence I kill the culprits/
Agenda 21 got hijacked, smartphones extinct in duldrums/
G5 chopped down like timber, what the FUCK were you thinkin?/
only comedy can monetize lies, the rest just lost protection/
Back to depopulation, first we murder Luciferians/
you fucking parrot airheads, in your faggot fairyland/
some yall are peace, you may hit the exit/
but for the rest my guest is, a wicked west witch/
after we have sex it, will translate to textin/
and back to the beds lit, to illumunate the pathways/
to planting gardens, and filling death's pit/

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Partial IP: 224.194.89

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