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*lord Spiritscience Against Fake Spirits And Fake Sci Ants
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AuthorTopic:  *lord Spiritscience Against Fake Spirits And Fake Sci Ants

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posted Friday, March 01, 2019 3:41:26 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

forrest green and beige◇;
CLOWN myself 100 X worse than you¿
slap myself in the fucking face*
crucify myself watch enemies melt-
Tori Amos tongue kiss the Breign/
fuck you think gun happen brother $
when I decide to KILL you?
rush crush an spill you=
reveal the real NoOn#
B-Line to define honest comparison/
we all FAIL in embarrassment/
Honest into the frying pan/
and beyond the burning man/
I stay deeply ahead of you/
still ripped by the sand/
it fall flows through ghost hands/
Imuh fucking stubborn IDIOT*
Punched "Jesus" in his cool aid face/
burnt books once turned dirt hooks/
spirit science turn boss crooks/
Ay so sum looked/
Game inside the inside game/
simultaneously outside defamed/
Nobody but me an entities/
to energize life's gates/
despite code and life soul/
Lazy Gods morph to god fossils/
Eden evergreen bed/
Bled into flaming beast head/
Jewels decapitate fake friends/
wisdom tidals wave goodbye/
mass media "underground" erased/
sindickKitzzz scraped off blades/
none you scrubs touch my son/
now creepy pricks start invading/
come P4Y me disrespectful clay/
I prepare your oven dates/
itsa day to day thing/
Bug brains aced encase rings/
trash compactor exorcism/
Elite J4NiTron decisions/
gravity warp space and time/
I'm Shapeless/
originated source portal/
coincidated opened wide with/
the speech of Mr. Lee's later/
I was a Master Student/
independently unknowingly/
paralled an old teacher/
divine shine defender/
Catapult your tv into your smart phone/
death slap yourself/
elves marked who can't spell÷
droppin roofs on em/
bruise noobzzz hauntm/
alienating many mentors/
from the dope that dem stole/
racist kkk programs all flavors/
I crush each one no Lifesavers/
gladiatorial tutorials/
Motherfucker you're pussy food/
I stand between Tigers between pillars/
No words hold value/
if you can't hold the court/
relevent intelligent mirrors body/
and behavior wholistically/
never trust the flab/
Digable Planets taught me/
zoomed dem of prison programs/
snakes arresting development/
while they're cloaked hording elements/
I shut the trap down/
Haters laugh now jacked now/
find my flesh you said what now?/
Flatline that cuz u flat now/
stupid fucks in fostered fog/
you do no stabbing in dark alley/
I ran crews FAIR, golden rule works/
lazy bitches snake riches/
dem nah keyAir/
dem no stay dare/
dem on downed airplanes/
costs a heavy fare/
tangents expand tents/
or would you prefer asteroids land/
controllerzzz expired off wires/
NOW space to control land/
I throw fuck you curses in verses/
patterns purchase currents/
"natural disasters" leave you earthless/
desperately you disbelieve/
a few severe disses you be left/
vultures feed off ya biceps/
Ooooo dem keptm quiet/
No thank you fame machine/
your front door blown off/
$3t fire 2yah gurls carpet/
she hit me up lickin her cuffs/
showed me her tiddys lips licking/
sweetly she gave me a sippy cup/
fulla bad batty hips coffee/
Blackn red nurse I birth jizz/
Her purse bleed sky blue/
She say we wanna like you/
I said "you drama dyke fool!!!!"/
her heart was spiked through/
a Karma priced Groom/
No armageddon for peasants/
My cock split her elevens/
Supreme BITCH bent in heaven/
Omg its just my Dads studio/
the chick was SICK in love/
braindamage instahug/
maggots poured out her ears/
rinsing slugs an some bugs/
I want that pussy need the passion/
Door close private sign up/
not Subway just a sandwich/
above word's summer/
in a Sumerian yellow sub/
bandit it vs BANDIT/
she had cooked some golden buns/
mistook me like "he the one"/
Fuck you YOU the one's two/
she erased me and reversed truth/
Bein the creator of her labor/
I walk through zeros/
flows in tears grown/
clones can't hit the weird poem/
wicked wicca wiseness/
what discipline you wanna front?/
Bitches know I designed it/
sold shit ages ago to clients/
Now that Father's awakened/
I see you've undermined it/
D.U.M.B.s to climb in/
where blood spill wine sips/
ashes to ashes/
dust to dust in clean disgust/
cut out pipes of rust/
Satanic community plasticine/
trends train cattle on tv/
vibrational discord addiction/
smashing both sides heads together/
concussion reduction death promised/
I speak natural weather patterns/
perpetuating permanent legislation/
Destroying every false sign/
syncopated lies scream in demise/
laws of mere mortals fry/
elites are sheep I delete/
who is sharp and more complete?/
take their spot race obsolete/
fuck the cops this is *peace/
use whatever tools redeem/
51+ to 49- balance you live/
still more burnings don't deceive/
start learning to be/
Chakra vibration tune the chi/
stay low allways you fail unfreed/
nobody need the tvs/
jump through oil paintings/
Burning demon coattails/
Shits so dope/
I let go end chem trails/
Flip FAIL hards jails ajar/
give a snail sparks/
Mirror God and dogs stac/
Frog saddle on fog hats/
Stomp battles on tall cats/
So far ahead lil gods fake laughs/
the haunting rage dem hoes hatch/
she wanna make a devil outah me/
her black magik no Jim hats/
lick my wounds while cookin me/
she am police scammin streets/
sham ham obsolete obsolete/
obsolete "chief" sheep massacred/
Wolf aperature blink once/
linked up an it's done/

Shapeless is.

Shapeless, ALBUM1- "Endeavors": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless

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