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Rain D4y Off Gettin On Her Case
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AuthorTopic:  Rain D4y Off Gettin On Her Case

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posted Tuesday, March 05, 2019 6:15:38 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Lucky for her he's pure, dirt/
river bed earth mirror/
mountain snow and ocean/
above the dome phoned in/
Rome spent on peace treaties/
death grip assessments/
she agreed to feed Steve/
disease free in Teepee/
awesome thigh meat dreamy/
She lean thick obscene gift/
I must be trusting/
Face in her busty pussy drumming/
Imuh God to king's lame things/
Large Cat training dog maming/
except for my dogs of the Farm/
efficient omnipotent Kingdome/
benevolent head to toe/
circumstantial law/
robots decommisioned Low/
Giants and Lizard dominions known/
no fear cold pulse unknown/
Vulture fuck her corpse timeless/
she surrender amend her pie pit/
Imuh die by this or own it/
Two of a kind alligned crimes/
eating love wreckless kids/
peaceful mech texted script/
quiet storm paranorm/
frequency flip wave compression/
bathe her suggestive weapon/
shakespeare meetcha grave here/
meticulous defamed seer/
bane bucked by reindeer/
main cage media/
enslave cave raid ears/
I got worlds of endless years/
hetero tiger tear chandeliers/
Hangin from my goat ball's ears/
takin death's life when I rep night/
Steve Smith the wordsmith/
locksmith key turnin/
blacksmith bang her curves sent/
she birth touch to earn him/
to trust in what she hunts/
gentle monumental love/
loyal low key no overdosing/
on instigating bitch tripping/
watch your lip I CONTROL me/
evol burns and so do doves/
flame proof phoenix water angels/
Star spangled off camera tango/
her pussy hungry in hang overs/
game over range roped her/
cut her free before I kiss her/
see if she still stay over/
bay sober caged cobra/
Keep my grizzly under Yoda/
thunder clap quotes a quota/
didnt even show much/
girl trap an sap dem highrolluz/
see his evil day glow duck/
Hypocritical make you his hoe Luck/
Like HE is super pimp monogomo yup/
wtf was that?/
you move so powerful he smash/
call him a bitch when ya sad/
he won't allow much a that/
call him white trash wen ya scared/
maybe you marry that other singer/
from Highly Suspect he younger/
you gotta be kiddin me/
I can be your lover/
edited Snoop frog sample/
others minds wiped as i ramble/
she look at the sham vs his handfull/
Look like she won a damned dope/
His super power is unpopularity/
yet her impairing speed married me/
and neither of us were there/
cutthroat Love Boat/
she bust bones he's thrust home/
ensnared in trusts unknown/
Pinnacle triangle tip love poem/
she connect him to outlets/
A hundred thousand thousand/
downed men women surround him/
my balls hounded by crowned slits/
Her V goin full alien/
Taboo dance to circulate him/
Tvs explode ignite kitchens/
when she close in in care/
to satisfy her new addiction/
he str8 an thick on a sick hen/
admitTed is why she livin/
Found her cuddle bear savage/
retire at 25 or sooner/
an if Im spose to be the Bread Winner/
maybe I Am?/
eat me I lift yers/
defeat me I take yers/
tomb raider suprise birthday blur/
Katana through walls babymaker/
comical ground wires/
hold you down life her/
green grass look at that ladybug/
mean ass stop yer buggin lady/
I ain a trick this slaying/
ride you like a sleigh dream/
her naked ass set safely/
white sheet plate irreplaceable/
Overkill make her fold/
she a thot er wuz once/
she thought she gave up/
found dudes so fucking rude/
and with her girl friends/
was where she made love/
Earth was a grave fucked/
a robbed and raped cunt/
like sod where dogs dumped/
in my gaze she wake what?/
my new heartbreak date/
already staked fucked/
to go I let go/
she won all I gave up/
mirror conversion alerted/
an I punched the fake sun/
patterns blocked an logged/
rapture rocks through fogs/
if whiskey sips be/
the jist of this scene/
an Googles results hold fitting/
Those are tears of happiness/
and I'll take her fur granted/
help me correct the wreckage/
she degenerates backward/
intuition fed regeneration/
angel Warrior sacrifices/
Craps drop with dice hits/
Imuh armor wherever life lives/
keen balance beams for your speech/
when you hit with a death sentence/
breaker 19 where's the ten shit/
dem reepers can't send rips/
kids always start an can't end it/
stuck on earth human turbulence/
can opener heads hurt with sense/
lookin dumb wits win sum chance/
young bitch on her period/
demonic horde from Harvard/
giving her all a small port/
to my cock to distort forts/
hope juice be juiced free/
she sick of channeling vanity/
it was underhanded cream/
never with much sanity/
she wannit blessed an devoured/
she embarrassed he's not a coward/
Lil boy lil girl its real cute/
sittin on the curb together/
Gang Bangers on Grapes/
Ape honor silverback perimeter/
we makin kids in here/
possibley she sabatoge's apostle/
whatever dear...../
long as my dong knock through/
I dont give a FUCK too/
but I know reepers I've bloomed/
and old programs are removed/
you don't owe me shit/
jus tongue kiss me/
and btw who are you?/
Ive gone far too far ahead/
right next to you in our heads/
a thousand miles away/
no air breaks the lair lakes/
reign down prepare getaways/
an eye to eye hugs with my son/
he will block if you aint love/
Far as him an I the Gemeni?/
She's no friend itza Lie/
You just apply to try a try/
to straddle and ride some guy/
who writes sights without sight/
off the bong onto blunt tigers/
her thong off a bomb knight burns/

I write well

Family sized Crispex boxes of Crispex were purchased. I'll write a 769 page novel about it then burn it before anyone reads it.

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