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AuthorTopic:  Clarity

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posted Wednesday, March 06, 2019 12:22:21 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Sorsin blorsin blu/
egg carton bloom/
you trannys hit the force field/
Keep your pants on you/
takem to tha doom/
rude an crude where the user/
gets exposed swept like a broom/
I'll kill you motherfuckers/
why would I lie to you?/
so since I'll kill a killer/
I can't be a kind soul too?/
I erase your dojo ya flow's no truth/
I balance out you children/
and milk the cow now in view/
she will get no crown/
until I shake down the muse/
her panties on the ground/
open her file an legs too/
everybodys burning learning/
living like we really do/
hello beast you know Im you/
and your shift is done/
I peel off your skin/
step on nASSa rock her bunz/
prolly ruin the timing/
like she's horny on arrival/
when I just slapd to masterbate/
slap my face I ace disgrace/
it jus negate energy drained/
Im sicka blowin spots/
these clones just forget the pain/
fits rush through brick dust/
sacrificing biters shanked/
I sleep in the center/
of a sawblade sweeping blender/
hoes never heard a word/
unrooted armies dog food rendered/
a menace to my mentors/
who got blasted in actions/
when my light surpassed their splender/
Still I'll say their names/
if I got awards from presenters/
demons fortified my prison/
friends an family missin/
human extinction sunset strip/
Lesbians holdin glocks grimacin/
she flip an strip empty my clip in/
wuddoo I want I want whips/
crackin on my cue hit after hit/
helpin idiots see humility/
and to work real hard for gifts/
I write monsters off your walls/
to kill you while they suck my dick/
my eyes ghost I call my bitch/
she shiverin sick limitless/
an she kiss my flawless failures/
when Im trippin an I miss/
for all the times that I hit/
an her pussy wet as shit/
exhausted in the deepest way/
outah body experience/
Poltergeist GTA/
host vessel vehicle/
ridin dirty every day/
this Dope up in my testacles/
tunnels leading to wharehouses/
up above the dome's restraint/
get me the fuck out this bitch/
Killum all in a day/
I just want my stuff in this house/
and my son and woman safe/
after swallowing the red pill/
we comfy naked eating steak/
my son is in the dojo/
learnin the challenge of balance/
Holdin my girl's hand/
while they both meditate/
Hope he finds a girl like her/
Tank Girl Tron Votoms lane/
In Living Color comic soul train/
humble and bold ranks/
Lyrical riffs lift Fed banks/
Meth left like an echo/
from the backwards game slane/
blood stain when blood drain/
cctv accepts its death faced/
my heart pump shockwaves/
she unplug and run my way/
she hope to get a crumb/
from a sun rays rage/
before cold craze untold days/
she gotta love him/
get free in his space/
and maybe this jus a sweet escape/
Before he kill himself/
when all the buildings fell/
will only to kill/
burning fields living hell/
merciless dirt to fist/
unearthing shit flourishin/
maroon reversed urgent rips/
witches sexual christmas/
9th gate birthing kids/
burning bush she workin it/
swallow doja brownie/
salivate on her pounds of cake/
I found a way stout not fake/
just saying whats aroun today/
Get it out of me/
give me her bounty body/
nothing imposed on me/
just some private space an your six/
Lieing to you cause she choose me/
7-11 a starz my groupie/
I need her sweet an juicy/
this man is made of sand/
Torched to castle on the beach/
melted hard as fuck with fleets/
Another one on mountain peaks/
no one pentrate her but me/
she save her intimacy for me/
no middle man you are relieved/
I felt she was a goddess/
and I found a sad baby/
she been grindin like a slime bitch/
wanting my love to lace her chi/
wtf is wrong with me?/
Im tired why so abstract and deep/
to attract the witch magik lick/
where bullshit ends and WE make peace.

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