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Peaceful Hurricane
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AuthorTopic:  Peaceful Hurricane

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posted Wednesday, March 06, 2019 1:58:12 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

She vampirize all the time/
she screwin all the guys/
blud of the sacrifice/
sex addiction wallets ignite/
fucked into flight/
to nASSa rocket in her pie/
she's allways in disguise/
use an lie you stupid guys/
utilize the lies/
her body scream SEX/
she spark it on market overtime/
millionaires wanna buy/
Us devils rise high by thighs/
her curves awaken McFly/
Fists Of Fury blurry strikes/
Im not exactly a McFly/
the point will still suffice/
Im breakin everyones legs/
Imuh sit here an burn an beg/
until Im bored I guess/
hearts scrawled on walls/
she eats pussy in bathroom stalls/
hearts scrawled red on walls/
boys free fall to metal spikes/
pierced with poison an salt/
for money she bi but she a dyke/
Im tryna make IT right/
legal documents marking occupents/
who REALLY SHOULD be sacrificed/
I know the Goddess I got the sight/
ain my fault bout dem guys choices/
an if I had focussed on MONEY/
I know I couldn't a voiced this/
I spank you across the country/
your young so go destroy shit/
why THE FUCK wouldjah give it me?/
maybe cause he's ya joys wish/
or a pimple on your asshole/
to needle to void pinched/
or just a cool guy to kiss/
unless you always suck others dicks/
cause your dick breath can only/
be caused by my dick/
Im still goin in jah trap?/
I think Imuh get away with this?/
breakin cages inner sense/
the loser WINNER whippin wind/
an with a grin she bent/
her girlfriends trippin wet/
no home bozo/
Lickin clit of Lady Death/
Mercedes luxurious depth/
an a truck's furious dirty mess/
imagined if I blasted her pageant/
she might find it attractive/
pullin her backwid back quick/
before she became that bad chick/
accepting collections/
from bad squids at world's end/
hope she's mad cause Im rong/
in all the right ways/
maybe slap me in my face/
or cry inside fate/
getaway inna high place safe/
something she can't replace/
an won't migrate away/
something she can't make or take/
the seed to breed her babies/
am I an insane donkey?/
or doing screwin her spanked clean?/
she shower just to get dirty/
Im 40 with soul money/
diabla scrambles in rabbit holes/
she's a superhuewoahman asshole/
Imuh retarded puppy a fucking dog/
biohazard tung frum swamp/
wheels already fell off/
I don't expect what I want/
she can boom her baby energy/
an I wanna bitch to shut up/
submissive with her but up/
stunned my mind run with guns/
no blockers an fuck the outcome/
what if she found um/
what if it was mutual?/
might as well shoot myself/
my ghost yellin FUCK YOU/
in love with her dumb doom/
I shouldah stfu/
but I wanted her to shoot too/
give me reason to keep fighting/
or you too can lose views/
Wtf I jus do?
I have no idea...
No guarantee just transparency/
clarvoyance declared to breech/
watch her take advantage a me/
rip an death kiss his bandages/
then can him disbanded/
venom gotter frozen jus knowin/
she oughtah take off her clothes/
to close in to get open/
maybe she could know him/
feed on his bone and no F.E.D.s/
regenerate a hoes head/
like honey as rotten as you been/
God DAMN you are so fresh/
quote the dopest he's trash/
I didn't wanna be a murderer/
just to see cash/
artistically I leaked passed/
in dreams decapitated demon wraps/
I been withm feedin been Lowah/
my higha said dont be eatin that/
but when Im honored/
release the beast to eat her ass/
magik fun tasks she tacs/
posted up to throw it back/
weird how it broke my back/
to hit her to throw it back/

"Give it away cause I get it for free"-A.K.

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