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Mobile Phones Use While Driving
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AuthorTopic:  Mobile Phones Use While Driving

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posted Friday, June 02, 2017 4:24:14 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Quasbfd   Click Here to Email Quasbfd
17 new California laws you need to understand in 2017 Mobile phones use while driving: Californians are no longer allowed to use a handheld wireless phone or wireless camera while driving, Unless the device is mounted on the vehicle windshield or dashboard in a fashion that doesn't hinder the driver's view of the road. Drivers are only allowed to activate or deactivate a feature or function on unit fitted with a single swipe or tap and cannot do that while holding gadget. This expands on a law that already bans sending text messages while driving.

Off road bike lane splitting: As per the new law, Lane splitting is described as driving a two wheeled motorcycle between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane. The law allows the California Highway Patrol to develop education guidelines in a way that ensures the safety of bikers, Drivers and anyone in the car [url=https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/49ers_Reuben_Foster_Jersey_Cheap]Reuben Foster Jersey[/url].

Vehicle sign up fee: SB 838 adds to the vehicle registration fee on every vehicle or trailer coach from $43 to $53 beginning April 1.

Lowest amount wage: California's minimum wage raises from $10 an hour to $10.50 an hour for business organizations with 26 or more employees under SB 3. It will progressively increase to $15 an hour in 2022 [url=https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/49ers_Carlos_Hyde_28_Jersey_Cheap]https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/49ers_Carlos_Hyde_28_Jersey_Cheap[/url]. The law delays accelerates by one year for smaller employers.

Assault firearms: Voters passed a law that requires Californians who own gun magazines exceeding 10 rounds to give them up starting July 1. Buyers must undergo a criminal court records search before buying ammunition and will be barred from buying new weapons that have a bullet button, Which were developed by gun brandnames to get around the state's assault weapons ban. A bullet button allows a shooter to quickly dislodge the magazine every one of the tip of a bullet.

Criminal officers' handgun storage: Law enforcement officers will be asked to follow the same rules as civilians by securely storing handguns in a lockbox out of plain view or in the trunk if weapons are left in an unattended vehicle.

Sexual strike clarification: Sexually assaulting an unconscious or severely intoxicated person can become a crime ineligible for probation. SB 2888 clarifies that a victim cannot consent to sex while spontaneous or incapacitated by drugs, Alcohol or pill. The change in the law came after former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was given six months in jail and released early for assaulting an depths of the mind woman.

Classes mascots: Starting point Jan. 1, California public schools will be banned by using the name"Redskins" For physical activities teams and mascots under AB 30. American Indians regard the term as attacking. Calaveras graduating, In Calaveras region, Chose to drop the name it used for many years and decided that it would no longer have a mascot at all.

Powder alcohol: Booze in a powder form(Yes, That's a the real guy) Will be illegal to get, Flip it, Come up with or use, Pertaining to each SB 819. Powder alcohol includes spirits, Alcohol, Homemade your red home red or white wine bottles, Beer and every other liquid that can be mixed with water or any other liquid [url=https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/49ers_Jeremy_Kerley_17_Jersey_Cheap]https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/49ers_Jeremy_Kerley_17_Jersey_Cheap[/url], But it doesn't include vaporized alcohol.

Taking in at salons: Learning Jan. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill because he said it has the to save lives, But he called out EpiPen designer Mylan for"Rapacious corporate headquarters behavior" By maximizing prices.

In order to die: Terminally ill patients in California will be permitted to use experimental drugs, Which do not need full regulatory approval, To decide when they need to end their lives. The law came into being after Brittany Maynard, A Bay Area woman with port brain cancer, Moved to Oregon before you take her life using drugs.

Gender neutral lavatories: Development potential. March 1, AB 1732 which all single user toilet facilities in any business or public place to be all gender facilities.

Homeless students at college: Any college campuses with shower facilities on campus must allow homeless students who are enrolled, Paid and current to use the facilities, For AB 1995. An additional law [url=https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/Customized_49ers_Jersey]https://www.49ersapparelstore.com/Customized_49ers_Jersey[/url], Abs 1747, Requires private and public institutions that offer food services to apply for a state funded program that provides food for homeless students.

Youth sports health process: Just like a previous law aimed at protecting high school student athletes and also require suffered head injuries, Youth sports organizations will have to notify the parents or guardians of athletes younger than 17 years old who have been removed from activity because of a suspected concussion. It also requires athletic organizations to offer concussion and head injury education to coaches and moderators on a yearly basis. The vendors would also have to comply with athlete removal provisions and return to play protocol.

Employee trafficking: People under 18 years old cannot be involved in prostitution, Using SB 1322. As a replacement, Are going to be treated as victims. This is among the list of human trafficking bills that include raising the age children can testify outside a courtroom from 13 to 15, Protecting the victims' names from disclosure and mandating they own access to county services.

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posted Sunday, March 25, 2018 11:57:00 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Orndorff28
I agree with you on this 100 percent. It is important that teens and in fact everyone understand how disastrous distracted or drunk driving can be. My uncle has been working with a top DUI attorney Los Angeles and have told us multiple times.

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posted Sunday, April 01, 2018 4:38:42 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Revamp   Click Here to Email Revamp
weird forum to be in but people shouldnt be on their phones while driving, its ridiculous how stupid it has gotten.. making reactive laws for easily preventable problems that is

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